Monday Photo-day: Featured Photographer Julissa Shrewsbury

From this week on I’m opening up Monday’s Photo-day feature on Reflections from a Red Head to other lovers of the art-form, and other budding / up-and-coming uber-talented photographers (Please contact me if you are interested in being featured).

This week it is my pleasure to welcome the first photographer to be featured – Julissa Shrewsbury, the Director of New Work Photography.

About Julissa Shrewsbury

I had the pleasure of meeting Julissa in person a few weeks ago when I was the ‘victim’ of a photo-shoot. Well – that was a lie as I actually signed up for the photo shoot in order to get some ‘professional’ shots taken, and even though the nerves were incredible, Julissa made me feel so relaxed, and really helped to guide me through the entire process.

Julissa received her first camera as a primary school graduation present and immediately forced her little sisters to model for her so she could practise. She has always loved words and pictures, and grew up snapping photos and churning out fairy stories on an old green typewriter.

Julissa worked as a primary school and performing arts teacher for several years, sharing her love of words, pictures and also dance with children. One day she made the decision that she wanted more time to herself and went back to University to study what she loved – words and pictures. Julissa now runs her own photography business, and is fulfilling her passion for creating beautiful images that make women feel good….she also still writes stories now and then.

About New Work Photography:

New Work Photography specialises in fashion, commercial and fashion/art-inspired photography for women through personal shoots and events.

‘Your red carpet experience is their priority and pleasure’.

For More Information

More information regarding Julissa and New Work Photography can be found at the following:

NW Blog

New Work on Facebook

newworkphoto on Twitter

Or join their mailing list and receive their newsletter [redcarpetcool] to hear about fashion, photography, events and special offers.


Emergen IWD Ebook now online!

Emergen IWD Ebook

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears…actually there were no tears from me…the Ebook as a result of the first Emergen Blogging for a Cause event – an International Women’s Day tribute – has been published online.

In case you missed it, March 8 2011 was International Women’s Day, and Emergen – the site I’m the Blogging Coordinator for – hosted its first Blogging for a Cause event with the aim of using the power of blogging to make a difference. As a result of the 30+ posts from young leaders from all over Australia, the idea of an e-book full of the collection began to take shape.

This was my first effort at putting something like this together, and – when combined with starting a new job, maintaining my personal blog, house and relationship – it created many challenges…mostly how much I could possibly fit into one day!

But here we have the finished product, and I’d like to thank the awesomeness that is Alicia Curtis for her guidance, ideas, patience, eye for detail, tweaking, finishing touches and publishing! I swear, this woman has changed my life since I met her mid last year.

So, for a collection of inspiring articles from some amazing young Leaders and up-and-coming Aussie bloggers, check out the ‘Emergen IWD Ebook‘, and feel free to share to your heart’s content with your networks.

This is only the beginning.

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Some Awesome Women Bloggers

I wanted to share with you some posts of some awesome women bloggers I have had the honour to get to know over the last few months, courtesy of the embarkment on my blogging journey.

They have joined us at Emergen in taking up the challenge to ‘Blog for a Cause’ for International Women’s Day, and I wanted to acknowledge their posts by sharing them with you:

Growing up Jenny – Jenny Stamos

I ‘met’ Jenny a few months ago. I forget how…it was possibly a blogging community I joined, or it could be the similar experiences we have had with our battles with depression that brought us together. Our personal blogs can be quite similar. We have now become friends on Facebook, are talking about a possible collaboration and guest posting on each others sites, and about visiting each other. We also lean on each other from afar for support and advise on dealing with depression, and I am thankful to her support in my writing and blogging.  Jenny posted today on Strong Women – A tribute to the strong women in her family. This is a post I think many of us can resonate with.

The Mompreneur – Dani McGrath

Dani is a fellow member of the TLC Club – a 90 day challenge I joined last month with other fellow bloggers, to ‘tweet, like, comment’ and generally provide support to each other. Dani is also a ‘Mompreneur’ – a word I have only heard the last few months. Dani chose to blog about the following: International Women’s Day – A Tribute to Women Entrepreneurs Who In…

The reason why I am sharing this with you is that I know there are many women entrepreneurs on Emergen, or women that want to be an entrepreneur, and it’s important to learn from others. I think Dani also illustrates that having kids is not an ‘impediment’ to having a successful career, or in seizing the day and creating one for yourself!

Dont Hang Up! – Penelope

I love this blog, and Penelope reminds me of my Nan, my Mum, some friends…it’s amazing just through commenting on each others blogs how this impression can be reached. I want to shout out to Penelope, as she is going through a great deal of upheaval at the moment through moving, etc. and she still took up the challenge to blog for International Women’s Day! Her post is aptly titled ‘Don’t Live Down to Expectations‘.

Hajra Kvetches – Hajra

Hajra and I met via a blogging group on LinkedIn late last year and struck up a friendship. She is one of the reasons I am where I am today. Through her support, advice, tweets, amusing posts to keep me entertained, and so on, I am grateful to her and her participation in this challenge. Hajra’s post is titled ‘Some Special Women…And a Big Sorry and Thank you’ and is a tribute to the women in her life – notably her family.

And then there is Shawn Broussard McNairy, who’s blog Women Living Thru the Unthinkable. We are fairly new acquaintances, but Shawn has chipped in with a short and sweet homage to International Women’s Day.

As Blogging for a Cause day nears…

As the inaugural Emergen Blogging for a Cause day nears, I have butterflies in my stomach due to the anticipation of the brilliance that is to come (no pressure!).

Seriously though, I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!

I know that the topic – International Women’s Day – may not immediately jump out at everyone (especially the men) but i think it’s important to realise that all of us have a part to play on this day.

  • Be it through celebrating the women who gave us life – our mothers, or the women who gave them life – our grandmothers.
  • Or by supporting our sisters, wives, girlfriends, cousins or friends.
  • Or through acknowledging certain facts, such those provided by the World Health Organisation:

‘At least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime – with the abuser usually someone known to her’. LEE Jong-Wook, Director-General, World Health Organization.

Therefore I urge you to get involved! And don’t let the anxiety of ‘I’ve never posted before’ or ‘I don’t write well’ get in the way, for:

  • We all start off like that; and
  • This is probably the perfect time to start!

So please, join us by composing a blog post using the theme ‘International Women’s Day‘ and posting on March 8. We can all then get on board and share the posts via Twitter (#IWD and #Emergen), Facebook, LinkedIn and so on to spread our words and inspire!

‘So make a difference, think globally and act locally.’

For more information about the Emergen Blogging for a Cause – International Women’s Day – check out the event on Facebook at:

You can find more information about International Women’s Day at the following link: