Gratuitous Plug Time – How to be a Redhead

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Did I tell you that I’m writing weekly for How to be a Redhead? I’m ultra-qualified of course, being a red head and all!

Yes – it’s gratuitous plug time. I thought I’d blow my own trumpet and let you all know, whilst sharing the link to my latest post which is dedicated to one of my favourite all-time movies about…a redhead! How did you guess : )


It’s the Hard-Knock Life


Celebrating the Red-Headedness

Being a red-head can be a curse or a blessing.

For most of my life, I thought it was a curse. Pale skin, freckles, red-hair and blood that is extremely tasty to mosquitos. Oh and the constant, incessant teasing from people. I do recall being followed down the street by groups of boys commenting on how ‘ugly’ red headed girls were, and how they would never go out with one. This also happened on the bus, in the cinema, in night clubs…pretty much everywhere. I even got it from the female species. How I loved being heckled by so-called ‘bronzed, blonde Aussie goddesses’.

Well, a few years ago I decided that enough was enough. I decided that I liked my hair colour – and so did everyone else, as why else would everyone be dying their hair red (even the blondes). I also decided that I was pretty. As one friend recently put it ‘the guys were always eyeing off Janine and she never noticed or thought it true. But it was true!’ Thanks Karina : ) Seriously, I never did notice! 

So, today I celebrate my red-headedness. 

What would you like to celebrate about yourself today?

Get your groove on and celebrate







How to Be a Red Head: Love Your Skin!

TOTALLY gratuitous plug for something I wrote that has been accepted and published on a website called How to Be A Red Head, cause I am more than qualified, being a red head and all : )

Hehe okay it’s not easy for me to tug my own chain but I’m excited…so here it is – Love Your Skin.  An for all those red heads out there, or people that know red heads, send me ideas on what to write about re: Red heads and their health!

My mass-producing freckles

My sun kisses

Let’s Get Serious – YOU and Your Skin

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I finally bit the bullet and got my skin checked yesterday for skin cancer. I’d been putting it off for a while, and have secretly been worried about a large freckle on my nose (of all places!).

I’m a pale red-head, with lots of freckles, who has probably been burnt too many times in her life. It doesn’t help that I live in Western Australia, where the ozone layer is incredibly damaged, and the sun can be incredibly harsh. You can actually burn after just 10 minutes in the sun here. That is not good at all. I used to try and stay inside all of the time – but I became a bit of a hermit, so I now live my life more, but admit that I need to be more ‘sun smart’.

Lucky for me, the new place I work had arranged for a specialist to visit to check us all out – if we wanted to – free of charge. Fabulous idea, and it possibly pushed a few of us to confront our fears.

With great relief I can announce that I have no worrisome freckles or moles. If only I had gotten my freckles checked sooner, I wouldn’t have spent all this time worrying. And realistically, I should have got checked earlier, as if any of them had been cancerous – that would have been even worse.

In reading one of the pamphlets I got with the ‘goody bag’ I was given after my skin check (don’t you just love goody bags!), it’s terrifying to read the statistics:

Australia has THE highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Every yeah over 440,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer and over 1,700 people will die from the disease. Western Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in Australia.’

I encourage you all to go and get your freckles and moles checked, even if you think you are okay, for you never know what is lying there under the surface.

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