There is more to life than increasing its speed – Mahatma Gandhi

WARNING: Express Trains

Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

Sometimes I feel like I’m on this really fast train heading somewhere. I don’t know where. All I do know is that the train is getting faster and faster and that I’m struggling to take everything in that is whizzing past my eyes.

Every now and then the conductor comes by and offers me a ticket to ride on another train. Why not take the slower train, the more comfortable train, the fancier train or the express train?

Or why not just get off and walk? That way I could choose my own pace and really think about the direction I want to go.

But that’s when procrastination sets in, which in turn breeds confusion and inaction.

Which is better?


Queen Procrastinator

I’ve got writers block.

Embarking on a life change is challenging, to say the least. What makes it even harder is that I’m a thinker.  I think WAY too much, I analyse, I weigh up all the scenarios, pros, cons, and so on and so forth.  I think that’s why people say that I am the epitome of my star sign – Virgo.  The perfectionist.  The analyser.  It doesn’t say ‘Queen Procrastinator’ in any of the literature I’ve read though…I guess it doesn’t help my case that my partner is ‘King Procrastinator’.  At least we make a perfect match!

Tips are definitely welcome!