Monday Photo-day: Clouds


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As a kid, I used to stare at the clouds in the sky for hours…I would admire their fluffiness, the contrasting colours, the shapes (‘look there’s a dog…and a rabbit!’) as well as imagining what they felt like (softer than … Continue reading

Monday Photo-day: Experimenting with Black & White


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Some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen have been those that have captured a moment, a person, a shadow…something in black and white. There is just something about the light and shade, the raw-ness, the simplicity of … Continue reading

My Photo Shoot with Julissa Shrewsbury from New Work Photography


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As a follow-up to yesterdays post ‘Monday Photo-day: Featured Photographer Julissa Shrewsbury‘, I though I would share with you the results of my photo shoot with Julissa Shrewsbury from New Work Photography!

Monday Photo-day: Featured Photographer Julissa Shrewsbury

From this week on I’m opening up Monday’s Photo-day feature on Reflections from a Red Head to other lovers of the art-form, and other budding / up-and-coming uber-talented photographers (Please contact me if you are interested in being featured).

This week it is my pleasure to welcome the first photographer to be featured – Julissa Shrewsbury, the Director of New Work Photography.

About Julissa Shrewsbury

I had the pleasure of meeting Julissa in person a few weeks ago when I was the ‘victim’ of a photo-shoot. Well – that was a lie as I actually signed up for the photo shoot in order to get some ‘professional’ shots taken, and even though the nerves were incredible, Julissa made me feel so relaxed, and really helped to guide me through the entire process.

Julissa received her first camera as a primary school graduation present and immediately forced her little sisters to model for her so she could practise. She has always loved words and pictures, and grew up snapping photos and churning out fairy stories on an old green typewriter.

Julissa worked as a primary school and performing arts teacher for several years, sharing her love of words, pictures and also dance with children. One day she made the decision that she wanted more time to herself and went back to University to study what she loved – words and pictures. Julissa now runs her own photography business, and is fulfilling her passion for creating beautiful images that make women feel good….she also still writes stories now and then.

About New Work Photography:

New Work Photography specialises in fashion, commercial and fashion/art-inspired photography for women through personal shoots and events.

‘Your red carpet experience is their priority and pleasure’.

For More Information

More information regarding Julissa and New Work Photography can be found at the following:

NW Blog

New Work on Facebook

newworkphoto on Twitter

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