The Beauty of Difference is coming soon…

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8 days left till I finish up at my job, the thought of which leaves me a but nauseous this evening…perhaps from the growing butterflies in my belly?

7 days left until my new blogging series ‘The Beauty Of Difference‘ commences, right here on Reflections From A Red Head, the thought of which makes me very excited about sharing with you the many stories, interviews and photos of so many ‘different’ people throughout the world.

And 5 days left until I turn 34…in a way it feels like I am starting my life again. It also (and finally) feels like I have reached a point in my life whereby I have realised what the last almost-34 years were building up to, and in a way come back to the path I had wanted to head down so many years ago – but had deviated from.

My life is changing on this life-journey, as are the lives of the people who will soon share their stories with you. I hope that we manage to share something with you that will also help you along your journey, whatever that may entail.



The Beauty Of Difference kicks off on 1 September 2011, and will involve people sharing their stories and photos dedicated to championing all that is beautiful about being ‘different’.


We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.

We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.

Stevie Wonder

I’m melancholy. I sit here after a few champagnes, feeling a bit ill. It’s not because I drank too much. I’ve felt clammy and fatigued all day and I think I am really run down. Of course, I shouldn’t be drinking. I know. I just needed something to take the edge off. I mean – It’s Friday night. It’s bad enough that I cancelled my plans as I felt like shite. And I I did feel like shite ALL day. And now I feel even more like shite as I’m missing out on something I really wanted to go to. But, I needed to take a stand and come straight home from work, instead of hitting the town. I just needed to take time out and ground myself. The plan is to do it for the entire weekend…I won’t leave the house for any other reason except to get groceries…

Which brings me to the quote. Stevie Wonder. Soul King. Amazing man. I never really appreciated him until I met my partner – Denis – who introduced me to the world of soul and R’n’B. Up until then I had been a grunge/metal/alternative girl (with a secret love for pop/dance music).

‘We all have the ability.’

We do. It’s just we often don’t recognise that we do. We put such limitations on ourselves sometimes, we just don’t realise our own self-worth and what we are capable of…what we CAN do.

‘The difference is how we use it.’

Well said. We all live our lives a certain way, according to a certain creed. We use our abilities for good, for bad, for evil, to help, to sabotage, to love, to hate, to make a difference, to hide the truth, to make the best out of life, to maintain the status quo.

I’m personally at a cross roads. I know I am capable of so much. And I want to make a difference. I want to do something in life to help, to make people happy, to make the people I love happy, to make me happy. In this blogosphere and world of social media I encounter so many people leaving the rat race and doing some AMAZING work…how do you do it? I’m scared?

Patience is a virtue

About to Happen

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I’m tired, a bit stressed, and will be needing to make some big decisions in the next day or two that will change my life, if not permanently, at least for the next few years.

I’m trying to not let my thoughts get carried away with themselves, as what will happen will happen, and realistically I won’t be 100% certain on what path I will be taking till Friday, but it’s hard!

I can see the light at the end of what has seemed to be a really long tunnel, and part of me is ecstatic, like a little kid, whereis the other part of me is just bloody tired, and wants out NOW.

But, as they say, patience is a virtue, and good things come to those that wait. So I’m waiting, and will hopefully have some news soon.