The Beauty of Difference is coming soon…

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8 days left till I finish up at my job, the thought of which leaves me a but nauseous this evening…perhaps from the growing butterflies in my belly?

7 days left until my new blogging series ‘The Beauty Of Difference‘ commences, right here on Reflections From A Red Head, the thought of which makes me very excited about sharing with you the many stories, interviews and photos of so many ‘different’ people throughout the world.

And 5 days left until I turn 34…in a way it feels like I am starting my life again. It also (and finally) feels like I have reached a point in my life whereby I have realised what the last almost-34 years were building up to, and in a way come back to the path I had wanted to head down so many years ago – but had deviated from.

My life is changing on this life-journey, as are the lives of the people who will soon share their stories with you. I hope that we manage to share something with you that will also help you along your journey, whatever that may entail.



The Beauty Of Difference kicks off on 1 September 2011, and will involve people sharing their stories and photos dedicated to championing all that is beautiful about being ‘different’.


Loving Life

I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nelly in my day-life of late, mostly due to the stresses and annoyances caused by my day-job. (This day-job actually equals almost my entire day-life since I leave the house and come home in the almost-dark every day of the week…thank goodness for weekends – if only I didn’t want to sleep them away…).

I’m Cool!

But I digress…Aside from the stress, annoyances, Vitamin D deficiency and the desire for sleep, I am loving life.

Don’t believe me?

Well, here’s what I love about it!

My dog, whom I do believe – without fail – always makes it to numero uno! We had a little scare yesterday morning, which ended up with us at the vet first thing, worrying over what was happening with her tiny little body. But, after a couple of jabs, and some ‘expressing’ of the nether regions, she seems as good as new. Maybe she just didn’t want her Mummy to go to work (I’d been off sick the day before)?

My partner. I think this is the highest I have ever placed him in any of my list posts? Now that’s not because I don’t love him…it’s just I have always had ‘issues’ with telling people how much they mean to me. He’s a good lad, having tolerated over 6 years of my many ‘issues’.

Having the ability to do what I love, now that I have found it again. Oh writing, how I missed you. I do realise that now.

My beautiful family. A bunch of fantastic people who I pushed away for many years, but am thankful to have been given the chance to realise how much they mean to me. I could not have had that chance…and that thought is incredibly sad.

Having the opportunity to work with a bunch of like-minded, hard workers, who like a laugh. We put up with hell, are stressed to the max and exhausted, but to be honest I have never worked somewhere before where there were so many people who worked hard, were like-minded and liked a laugh…it’s very strange.

My boo-diful friends whom I hardly get to see. I love you all dearly, and treasure the times we get to spend together in this crazy, frantic thing we call life.

My online buds. My life is now so much richer in having met you all. My partner thinks I’m obsessed with ‘social media’. I think not! It’s just that after a hard day of work, what cheers me up the most is logging on and checking in with my pals online who may only just be starting their day, or have written some gem of a post, or who need a ‘chat’. I’ve never felt so close or been able to be so open to people before. As cliché would have it, I feel like a bud whose petals are opening slowly.

Now tell me, what do you love about life?