A New Year and New Beginnings

7 days into the New Year and 2011 is already looking pretty amazing.

I’m not sure if I should apply the brakes yet as the pace has been pretty insane. I also do not want to jinx myself – being the overly superstitious person that I am. With the passing of 2010 – which was, on my account, the crappiest year in a long time – the fog has cleared with it. But the last 7 days has seen many things just fall into place. I now have a sense of clarity.

New Beginnings

The old me would really be questioning this. The old me would be saying right about now ‘This to will pass – there is something on the horizon that will throw a spanner in the works.  This feeling cannot last. Life WILL fall apart – again’

But the new me loves this feeling, and doesn’t want to let it go.  She wants to keep going and see what is around the corner, as whatever it is will be worth it. Funnily enough, the new me finds herself positive. Unusual.


Whatever you do on New Years, you will do for the rest of the year

They say that whatever you find yourself doing on New Years Day, that’s what will set the tone for the rest of the year.  Who ‘they’ are, well – I’m not sure.  I do get told this every year though.

And going by what I did today, it’s looking pretty good.  I didn’t have a bad hangover and I ate a hearty breakfast.  This was then followed by some shopping, and then some relaxing.  Of course, I’m also now blogging, so it’s looking good!

I figure that as long as I can keep the spending in check, it’s going to be a fantabulous 2011!

Now tell me, what did you get up to today (or for those in the other hemisphere, what have you got planned?).