Monday Photo-day: Guest Photographer Tenella Favro


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Today’s Monday Photo-day comes to you courtesy of Tenella Favro. I hope you enjoy. Janine x Hi, I’m  a mother of 2 beautiful children – my eldest Vincent is almost 5, and my little girl Sienna is 6 months old. … Continue reading

Monday Photo-day: Clouds


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As a kid, I used to stare at the clouds in the sky for hours…I would admire their fluffiness, the contrasting colours, the shapes (‘look there’s a dog…and a rabbit!’) as well as imagining what they felt like (softer than … Continue reading

Monday Photo-day: The backyard

You may think there is nothing to take photos of, and that you need to get out there in the world, into nature, around people…you are so wrong! Why not just step foot in the back yard with camera in tow! It’s amazing what you can find.


Tree and faraway fire


hook and chain