“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach

Music has such an amazing effect on me when I let actually relax and let it work it’s way into my body and brain. I love the feeling of the bass throbbing through my body. I love the liberating feeling of singing loudly to no one. I love the surprise the iPod brings as it shuffles the songs and delivers the next surprise…and then the memories that come flooding back with that song.

Today I found myself driving along the highway, sun shining, blue sky, car windows down, hair blowing madly around my head, music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs to songs I hadn’t heard in ages. I felt happy and I felt free.

Fall to Pieces, Velvet Revolver. As the name of the song says, it’s about someone falling to pieces after a relationship ending. This song stuck a chord with me at a time when I thought Denis and I were going to break up. I literally felt as if my life was falling to pieces…and every time I would live the gym in winter to go home, I would play this song loudly, sing, and cry, cry, cry.

With or Without You, U2. This always reminds me of my last night of my first trip overseas. I was in Singapore and had finally been given a taste of what I had always wanted – travel – and I loved it more than I had imagined. I did not want to go home to my miserable life. I was in a club called Chimes with a good friend, new friends, new experiences such as a dentist chair in the middle of a club where people were getting drinks poured down their throats, cool music and life…I was having the time of my life…so I cried.

Nights In White Satin, Moody Blues. This song was chosen by my Mum to play at my Grandad’s funeral (her Dad). Apparently he had loved the song, and it was then that I realised I had never known he had actually liked music. Normally, Nights in White Satin touches me – the peaks and troughs that bring with it a change in intensity. But at a funeral…I believe we all cried.

Grace, Jeff Buckley. This song, and Jeff’s voice (RIP), touches my soul. If I am happy, it makes me feel happier. If I am sad, it comforts me. Now I realise how depressed I actually was in my late teens, and I credit Jeff and his music for getting me through. It is such a shame that he is no longer with us – but for the time he was, he provided us with such incredible beauty.

Are you a music lover?

What songs have touched your lives?


Versatile Bloggers are Us!

I have been awarded the “Versatile Blogger Award” from Thom Brown (his blog is ‘To Gyre and Gambol’). I was very surprised and flattered. Thank you Thom!

There are rules though. I have to now regift this award to seven others AND I need to say seven things about myself.  This doesn’t seem to hard, so here goes!

About me:

1. I miss my Nan, who passed last year. I try not to think about her, which is stupid, as she was incredibly important to me and I should. I think I’ve made myself so ridiculously busy that I don’t allow myself the time. I think they call this an epiphany?
2. I have an obsession with vampires – and I need to stress it is NOT ‘Twilight‘ related. My obsession started when Anne Rice wrote ‘Interview with the Vampire‘, and only continues. I admit I did read the ‘Twilight’ saga – and it wasn’t until the 4th and final book that I sat up and thought ‘Hello!’
3. My favourite TV show at the moment is ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ after my sister bought me Season 1 for Christmas. My partner and I really paced ourselves, spreading watching the episodes over 2 months…but now we are hanging for season 2 after the season 1 cliff-hanger, and it’s not out in Australia yet..damn it!
4. My favourite colour is red, although when I was younger I hated it, as red reminded me of how much I hated my red hair. Growing up as a red-head, I was always teased (as is the norm for red heads). I was also always told that due to having red hair, I could not wear ‘colour’ – i.e. red. I now adore red and realise that when people tell us red heads that we can’t wear colour, they are only displaying their envy of our awesome hair colour!
5. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was young. I remembered this today, and got all excited by my childhood fantasy of exotic, dusty locations, tents, brushes, khaki, artefacts and mystery;
6. I just refinanced my mortgage. I swear there was more paperwork involved in this than in getting the actual mortgage the first time round. That’s it – done. I don’t want to see anymore paperwork, and I’ve had enough of banks.
7. My favourite male singer of all time is Jeff Buckley, and my favourite song of his is ‘Grace’. Indeed, his loss was way too soon. My Mum used to tease me and tell me his music was ‘music to slit your wrists too.’ I personally found he’s deep, haunting music therapeutic!

And now time for the winners!

I want to recognise the following bloggers – sharing the love as I’d like to put it – because they are all genuine, write from the heart, and have struck a personal chord with me at one time or another.

1. Adriene aka Sweepy Jean – Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World 3.0

2. Hajra Khatoon – Hajra Kvetches – The Blog

3. Jenny Stamos – Growing up Jenny

4. Michael – OutMaturity

5. Dennis Salvatier – The Tanoshiboy Chronicles

6. Maureen HunterEsdeer, Stepping Through Grief

7. MuMuGb – 40blogspot, The blog of a French Yummy Mummy in London.

For those I’ve recognised, as you know – there are rules. Only two:

One, say seven things about yourself. Two, share the award with seven other people.

No pressure though. I just thought it would be fun to learn more about you all!

The Beauty that is Music

Music is one of the most beautiful things.

I was brought up surrounded by music thanks to my parents and their friends. It was namely rock’n’roll. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Guns’n’Roses, AC/DC, The Police. And even though those bands had all mostly broken up (or died!) by the time I was born, the walls of the my rooms of the various houses I lived in as a kid were always covered with their posters, and I idolised them. As I got older and formed my identity, my interests branched out as I explored drum and bass, techno, pop, trance, world music, opera, classical, grunge, Brit pop, boy bands, R’n’B, Rap, Chanting…the list goes on.

I am so thankful for the presence and prevalence of music in my life, as it has certainly helped me through some hard times. Fights and relationship break-ups, the fighting and divorce of my parents, illness and death of family, bullying and hardships at work, the lows of depression. But it has also provided me with some of the most memorable moments in my life, especially when I seen the musicians I love live.

The love for concerts!

I saw Metallica live in concert with my brother during their ‘Black’ album tour. He wasn’t even a teenager, and I think I was (only just). We wore black, and got to witness our first security ‘pat downs’ of bogans on the way into the arena, including our Dad who had walked us to the door. We then head banged and rocked our out to our idols, who made such an impression on us. To this day we still think it is the best concert we have ever seen.

Mum and I saw KISS on their reunion tour in the ’90’s (this was when KISS had decided to get back into their costumes!). It was awesome! Their costumes were so cool – and I do believe that those boys walk (or possibly strut) better in platform shoes then most women. And the KISS army – the most amazing fans who really get into the spirit and dress up like their costumed idols. It was so very cool.

And then there’s the time I got crushed in the mosh pit during a crowd surge whilst watching The Offspring set at the Big Day Out (an Aussie music festival). It actually assisted with the development of my agoraphobia, and put me off of the Big Day Out and large concerts for years. Thankfully it also assisted with my transition to Dance Musical festivals such as Summadayze. This has now become my annual summer pilgrimage.

The Backstreet Boys

One of the highlights for 2010 was experiencing the Backstreet Boys in concert with my friend Kate. As the lights went down on the crowd and silence descended on the arena, Kate and I became squealing like school girls. It was so much fun, us being in our 30’s. I know you might doubt it, but sometimes you just need to let go of all of your ‘adult-ness’ and just let the kid in you out (or the young, squeal girl in this instance!).

At the close of 2009 I finally saw Pearl Jam with my brother, years after the ‘grunge era’ had passed. The only time they had come to Perth when I was a teenager I had queued for tickets – these were the days you had to physically queue – and the tickets had sold out just before I had got to the ticket window – I was devastated. So, when I finally got to see them live I was blown away. By the band who were just perfect, and especially by the god that is Eddie Vedder, even as he got smashed on red wine. They were worth the wait.

I do have one regret, and it is just missing seeing Jeff Buckley when he toured my local town. I was busy, and apparently missed the most amazing display of vocal prowess and musicianship. To this day the beauty of that man’s voice just blows me away. And suddenly he was dead – just before he peaked, and way before his time. But, at least the world still has his music, of which I believe will continue to touch people for many years to come.