Emergen IWD Ebook now online!

Emergen IWD Ebook

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears…actually there were no tears from me…the Ebook as a result of the first Emergen Blogging for a Cause event – an International Women’s Day tribute – has been published online.

In case you missed it, March 8 2011 was International Women’s Day, and Emergen – the site I’m the Blogging Coordinator for – hosted its first Blogging for a Cause event with the aim of using the power of blogging to make a difference. As a result of the 30+ posts from young leaders from all over Australia, the idea of an e-book full of the collection began to take shape.

This was my first effort at putting something like this together, and – when combined with starting a new job, maintaining my personal blog, house and relationship – it created many challenges…mostly how much I could possibly fit into one day!

But here we have the finished product, and I’d like to thank the awesomeness that is Alicia Curtis for her guidance, ideas, patience, eye for detail, tweaking, finishing touches and publishing! I swear, this woman has changed my life since I met her mid last year.

So, for a collection of inspiring articles from some amazing young Leaders and up-and-coming Aussie bloggers, check out the ‘Emergen IWD Ebook‘, and feel free to share to your heart’s content with your networks.

This is only the beginning.

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Changing the world one action at a time

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

Edmund Burke

I used to be this very person. I thought if I couldn’t ‘change the world’ by doing something BIG then why bother doing anything at all.

It was then I realised the importance of those little things, because all of those little things add up. And imagine – if everyone in the world did ONE little thing to make a difference – be it smile at an elderly person, saying hi to the person walking towards you on the street, donating a couple of hours of your month to a cause, calling your Mum, not joining work colleagues in a daily bitch session, donating a few dollars, recycling, practising patience when you drive, the list goes on. Just imagine what the world could be like.