What Makes You Feel REALLY Happy

Happy pose I

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What makes you feel really happy? You know, when you just can’t contain that smile. When the cackle escapes your mouth, but you don’t realise it until after it’s out and realise how loud it was.

Here’s some of the things that make me REALLY happy:

  • Walking in the door after work and seeing my dog bounding towards me. This makes me smile, without fail.
  • Seeing my Mum happy.
  • Good morning kisses from my dog.
  • Going to the movies. There is just something about seeing a film on the big screen, accompanied by popcorn, a coke and a good friend (although I have enjoyed the movies by myself, and it can be just as good!).
  • Seeing my man content and happy. He’s a stress-head like me, so it’s great to see him when he is relaxed and himself…notably when he is drawing.
  • Blogging. It really does. The experience, the exploration, the people I’ve met and the opportunities it has created.
  • Cartoons, my favourite being ‘Monsters Inc.‘ and ‘How to Train a Dragon‘…so much so that I want a dragon just like the one in the toon : )
  • Listening to music I listened to in my teenage years. 
  • An evening out to dinner with friends. Thank you to Lynette whom accompanied me to dinner during the week to a restaurant called Bistro Felix, Subiaco. Lovely. Shame about the shell left in her Morton Bay bugs…
  • My nieces, of course. Hugs, kisses, smiles. 
  • Chilling with my family.
What makes you happy? Share with us – you never know who you might make smile!

Monday Photo-day: Mothers Day

Yesterday was one of the most gorgeous Mother’s Days that I can recall.

Mum and I went for a coffee, and then went for a walk along Rockingham Beach. The weather was lovely for May, still, calm and warm. The sand between the toes felt glorious, and it was so beautiful to see everyone out with their Mum’s and Grand-Mum’s, smiling, laughing and just enjoying their time together.

As we got down to the beach, we noticed an art exhibit in the sand – and I am so glad I took my camera.

Here’s a few pics as homage to Mother’s Day 2011:

Art in the sand

Art in the sand

Mothers day 2011 - Mum

Mothers Day sunset

Do I hear a clock ticking?

I became an Aunty for the second time last weekend. Emily Ripper was born the Saturday night of May 9, and she is beautiful. I went to visit Mum and daughter the day after the birth, and they were both doing well after the trauma that is childbirth.

Whilst at the hospital, the newly anointed ‘sister’ arrived for a visit – Charlotte, now 2 and a half, with Dad in tow. Dad was as proud as punch, and little Charlotte was very gentle. It was touching to see her staring at the new little baby, kissing it gently on the head and softly hugging it, whilst whispering ‘sister’ and ‘beautiful’ (the later due to my prompting : ) ).

I can’t post photos of my nieces up here, although I would so love to show them off as I adore them. The family request I refrain, as you just never know who will be looking at the pics – the world we inhabit today : (

Needless to say, I am basking in my new-ish role of Aunty extraordinaire, and only wish that I lived closer so that I could see them all the time. In consideration of the fact that I may never have any children of my own, and I do believe that I feel sometime ticking…it might help (or it could in fact make the ticking worse!!).

Becoming like my mother

I recently replied to a comment on a post I wrote (What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger) that I was turning into my mother more and more every day. I got to thinking that it may have be taken in the negative.

I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t! I know most of us cringe at the thought of ‘turning into’ our parents, but I actually don’t mind.

Sure my Mum and I have had our issues, misunderstandings and have not always liked each other. But these days I recognise her for who she is and was – and that is a really cool Mum.

My Mum is beautiful. I pour praise on my Nan for being a beautiful spirit, but the fact is that she succeeded in passing that down to my Mum. Combined with the fact that Mum has had a pretty rough life, she has managed to come through it with youthfulness, a smile and the ability to constantly laugh…or should I say cackle, which is what my sister and I have inherited. I swear, when you get us together, look out! I think it’s awesome, and contagious – but we do tend to get lots of looks! And that’s because we are just so god damn gorgeous!