Monday Photo-day: Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Confucius

I know it’s not Monday yet, but this blog will be migrated over the coming day or two to a self-hosted platform.

For me, these photos need few words to accompany them. Can you see the beauty?


Sun Dial

Running Water

A love for animals


A Note from the Author

My apologies for my erratic posting of late. A combination of work, life and being run down has taken it’s toll.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be endeavouring to post at least twice a week from now on – and more if I can.

I hope you can bare with me as I try to regain balance in my life, as you and this blog are important to me.



Puppy factories

Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock. I recently learnt about ‘puppy factories’, of which I – naïvely – never realised existed. This has left me feeling a little ignorant, as well as sick to my stomach.

The concept of a puppy farm is simple – ‘breeding dogs’ are kept for most of their lives in pens with little exercise or interaction, and used to produce puppies, with little consideration for their health or welfare.

The puppies born in the puppy factories more often than not experience long-term health and behavioural issues due to the environment they were born into, as well as suffering from poor nutrition and lack of socialisation within the first weeks of their lives. As you can imagine, there are other problems such as in-breeding, high mortality rates, poor living conditions (dogs often live with their own filth), a lack (or no) veterinary attention, and so on.

The ‘breeders’ often use newspapers, car sales or false shop fronts to sell the puppies, and sadly some run actual pet shops, thereby selling puppies bred this way to the unsuspecting public.

For more information on this, and a campaign has been set up to abolish puppy factories called ‘Oscar’s Law‘. I warn you – some of the images and stories – like the story of Oscar – are incredibly sad.

The RSPCA has also set up a website where you can pledge your support to closing down puppy factories for good.

Things I wont be rushing out to do in a hurry…again

Hindsight is a beautiful thing…especially the second time round.

Here’s some things I won’t be rushing out to do again (here’s hoping):

  • Leaving the radiator cap off of the car radiator. I successfully did this not once, but twice – in the same car. My first car was a good old metallic blue 1977 V6 Ford Cortina Sedan. It had grunt – it sounded like a V8 thanks to extractors that had been fitted to the exhaust by the previous boy owner! The car also had lots of rust, but it thankfully survived the forgetfulness of it’s owner. Unfortunately the car fell apart as I was driving down the freeway, with the back axle snapping in half, the back tyres rolling down the freeway by themselves ahead of the car, and the car bursting into the flames. It was a shame really – I loved that car!
  • Shaving my arms. From recollection, I did this as a kid as I had developed this insane belief that my arms were hairy. I didn’t realise that by doing that, my arms would end up a whole lot more hairier. Darn it!
  • Watch a film called ‘Wolf Creek‘. My good friend Carly and I went to see this Aussie Horror movie on the big screen when it was released in 2005, doing our bit to support local film and all – and it was meant to be awesome! Up to that point in time, my preferred genre of film was horror/thriller. Thankfully ‘Wolf Creek’ cured me of that affliction, as well as the desire to ever go backpacking in the Aussie outback (especially when I heard my Mum’s partner say that there really are creepy people ‘out there’ like that – no sir-ee).
  • Travelling to a city called Andorra la Vella. Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra, which is a small landlocked country in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered by Spain and France. It sounds so magical doesn’t it? I should have known better, especially since the people I was travelling with referred to it as Ibiza in the snow. If you want a load of drunken Brits, average accommodation, shops full of duty free alcohol, perfume, electronics and knives (???)…more drunken Brits and sleaze, you are welcome to it. I for one could not wait to get out of there.
  • Trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. If we aren’t a stick, then why DO we traumatise ourselves so?

    Skinny jeans - such a squeeze

Enough said.