Gratuitous Plug Time – How to be a Redhead

Annie (film)

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Did I tell you that I’m writing weekly for How to be a Redhead? I’m ultra-qualified of course, being a red head and all!

Yes – it’s gratuitous plug time. I thought I’d blow my own trumpet and let you all know, whilst sharing the link to my latest post which is dedicated to one of my favourite all-time movies about…a redhead! How did you guess : )


It’s the Hard-Knock Life


Monday Photo-day: The River

The river that flows through the city of Perth, where I live, was named Swarte Swaene-Revier (Swan River) by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh in 1697. It was named so after the famous black swans of the area.

As the river is the centre of the city, and many of the surrounding suburbs, so the river is the centre of many of the locals lives, including my own. As a child, I have memories of swimming in the Swan, knees sinking down into the black muck, reaching into the murky waters to grab a fist-full of mud and fling it at my brother. My Mum had swimming lessons in the Swan when she was at school, and always shares the tale of when she was a teenager, swimming in the river, and feeling something bump her leg…the river has been known to have many inhabitants…along with the prawns and crabs we used to fish for were dolphins and sharks.

These days I work in a building directly across from the Swan. Here are some photos of the historic Swan River that I took during a lunchtime last week:

The River: Lens: Buckhorst H1 Film: Kodot XGrizzled Flash: Off

Swan River via Retro Camera Connector for iPhone

Stalking bird

Bird at lunchtime

The Cutest Thing Happened This Evening

The cutest thing happened this evening. 

I was sitting at home watching TV – my man having gone out to his Soccer Committee Meeting – whilst working through my daily routine of checking my Twitter Account, Blog, Facebook account, 2 email accounts, LinkedIn profile, the 2 websites I blog for, and tossing about thoughts in my head on the design of an Ebook I’m working on, when the phone rang. And not the mobile phone either. It was the home phone – the phone that never rings…

Immediately my thoughts shot to my family – what was wrong, what has happened, something is up. Racing to the phone to get it before the caller hung up, I picked the handset up awaiting the voice at the other end of the line.


– Silence –



It was Mason. Mason is my partners 8-year-old son. He’s as cute as buttons, lovely and has the most amazing eyes – I predict he will be a lady-killer when he grows up!

Anyway, hearing his voice on the phone was a pleasant surprise. He sounded as cute as buttons! He had called to speak to his Dad, but I had to tell him Dad wasn’t home as he was out at a Soccer meeting. He then told me that he had called Dad on his mobile phone, but that he didn’t answer, so I told him I’d track his Dad down and get him to call him for a chat.

Okay. This may not sound exciting, or unusual. I mean, kids talk to their parents on the phone these days right? (Hmmmm?).

Denis and I have been together for just over 6 years I think. I lose track. Him and his kids haven’t spoken much on the phone over this time, although we do have them every weekend. Well, lately we’ve noticed a little change in Mason. Perhaps it is because he’s becoming a boy – I mean he is growing up, and kids do grow up fast these days.

Anyway, Denis sat down with Mason on the weekend and presented him with an old mobile phone he had sitting in a draw. He told Mason that he could use this phone to call him anytime to talk. It was when Mason said ‘Cody calls his Dad every night’ that we realised this was the right thing to do, and that it was something we should have done a long time ago. And do you know what – Mason proudly looked at the phone all weekend, and loved showing it to his Mum when she picked them up on Monday. It was a beautiful thing.

So to surprise Mason, Denis called him on his new mobile last night. Unfortunately the call went straight to messagebank. The phone was off? Or was the battery dead? Funny thing is when Denis spoke to him on his home phone, it was then that we realised he didn’t know he was meant to leave the mobile phone switched on! He then proceeded to chat Den’s ear off.

And that’s why tonight was cute. Because he actually called his Dad on his mobile phone just to ‘chat’.

The Crazy Old Goat Lady, the Dark Looming Man and the Abyss

Irish Goat

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I can’t remember a lot of my childhood, which really worries me at times. I wish I could, but many of the memories just aren’t there, and haven’t been for years. I do sometimes have random dreams that seem crazy…that couldn’t possibly be real, but are so vivid!

One of these is of a crazy old goat lady who lives on the salt flats in the middle of nowhere. This in fact is true – as was confirmed by my Mum a few weeks back. Yes, there was a crazy old lady who lived on the salt marshes out by where we lived when I was little, and yes – she ‘collected’ goats (or perhaps the goats collected her). This was where the big goat antlers came from, of which I recall hung off of the beams of our back patio for what seemed like an eternity. Don’t ask me why. All I can say is that we lived in an old gold mining town, and there was a lot of weirdness.

And then there are the recurring dreams of plunging off of a cliff in a car, accompanied by the real and  terrifying fear that overcomes me every time I drive over a bridge or near an incline in real life. This comes from a true story, as was also confirmed by my Mum recently. As it happens, my Dad once took a wrong turn when driving the whole family to my Uncle’s place one night, somewhere on the outskirts of the mining town we lived in…luckily for us he managed to stop the car just in time for the head lights to vanish off into nothingness at the edge of an abyss.

And then there’s the recurring dreams of a man menacingly standing over me when I’m in bed at night. This used to haunt me, especially after I had moved out of home into a place by myself. I used to wake up and see a dark, looming shadow hovering over me. This freaked me out so much so that I started putting something behind my door so that I would at least hear someone coming, and if I did, then they would get it with the baseball bat by the side of my bed. Unfortunately, this memory is also true – as uncovered when talking to my Mum and sister one day. As it turns out, Mum’s ex-boyfriend used to sneak into both of our rooms and steal money from our bedside drawers. At least I now know that I wasn’t crazily ‘loosing’ money, and I also know that it wasn’t anything worse than that. Thankfully, Mum kicked him to the curb where he deserved a long time ago.

Reading back on what I have just written it all seems kinda freaky doesn’t it? I think there’s a story in this…