A Bucket list

Do you have a ‘bucket list‘?

I’ve thought of making one…Actually, I’ve probably even been doing this subconsciously for a while.

There are a few things that jump to mind for mine straight away:


Prague…3 trips to Europe and I never made it there, even though BEFORE my last 2 trips I was certain I would. I WILL get there, and it will be amazing!

Writing a book. Yes, I’ve collaborated in ebooks, but call me old-fashioned. I still love print…paper…hard copies…real books. I will write one, oh yes, I will write one.

See one of my favourite bands – The Foo Fighters – live in concert. The tickets arrived in the mail yesterday! WOOH. 

The Foo Fighters

Live in France. I have a dream, and it involves living in a château, or an apartment, in France…one of my visions for the dream is to live as a writer in an apartment in Paris. The other – well, it yearns for the peace, beauty and serenity of the countryside (and even if it’s a month, I’m going to classify that as ‘living’, as I will completely encompass myself in the surroundings, the food, the culture, the wine, the lifestyle…).

Visit the Pyramids in Egypt. I know they are highly glamourised, and will not be anything like they are described in the history books I studied as a teenager, but I still believe that they will be amazing. I mean, I was awestruck by Stonehenge and the Coliseum – and they are very touristy. I think Egypt and the Pyramids would blow me away.

The Pyramids, Egypt

I know there are other things that could be added to my list – but at the moment I can’t think of anything apart from places I want to visit…of which I will blame on my itchy feet!

What makes your bucket list?


20 thoughts on “A Bucket list

    • Thanks for sharing Debi. I will checl out your ‘I.Heart.List’…and will keep it in mind for Denis and I – I really think we need to do this as a couple, especially at the moment.

  1. I have been very lucky (or very determined) that my list is becoming bereft. (Of course, it helps that my beard is long grey, and my hair is hiding it well [the one blessing of reddish/blond hair]).
    My biggest goal is to see my children set and happy. My eldest is about to beat my longevity in marriage…my middle is doing just fine (ok, if you are looking for a fantastic make-up artist or photographer for your event, she probably has an opening in 4 weeks or so) and my youngest is tearing up the academic set… But, just a little more, please!

  2. Hey Janine,

    No wonder we make for blogging friend! Egypt has his special glamour position in my “list” though I don’t have a formal one as yet. My best friend visited Egypt with her family last year and though she isn’t a history fan she loved it! Imagine for history freaks like us, it will be like paradise!

    Also, the writing book is so amazingly close to my heart. I have thought out my Booker Prize speech… yet have to decide on the book’s story! 😉

  3. I had never heard the term bucket list until this year. I heard a friend use it when he spoke about making a special trip that he finally got to make this year. Now you are writing about it too!

    Maybe a sign, that I should do this?!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. That’s such a great bucket list! Like you I’ve subconsciously been formulating one – your Prague issue is my New Orleans issue! I’ve been planning to go there for years, the first time I had to change plans thanks to Katrina, the second thanks to the Gulf Oil Spill – this time, there better not be any issues because like it or not, I’m hitting up the Big Easy come June ’12!

    When you say write a book, do you mean write and have it published? Because writing a book is only half the challenge (as the saying goes, writing is easy, all you have to do is sit at a typewriter and slit your wrist – seriously, that’s a paraphrase of some writer’s quote!) the publishing part is the bitch! I’ve had a novel or three lying around on my desktop for a long, long time 🙂

    Ahh, and your dream of living in France. I hear you – go the Chateau idea, they are suprisingly cheap to rent out, considering – but very draughty and cold I’m told!

    • Wow you are off to the US next year?! Tell me more!
      And re: the novel…yes I left out the publishing bit but I meant both…even if it’s ‘self-publish’ 🙂
      Thanks for the tip on the chateau…a good fire should fix that, or go in summer…Summer in France…ah here my fantasies go again.

  5. Love your list! I have always wanted to visit the pyramids too. As for having a bucket list myself, I am not so sure. Maybe we need to make the most of now? My most memorable experiences were the ones I had never dreamed of or even envisaged (e.g.: to start blogging…to visit Indonesia -I was following my boyfriend…). Life never turns out as planned!

    • Very true Muriel. I’ve always been a ‘list’ person, but am a lot more flexible these days, as I do take more risks and go with the moment, without a plan. I still need my lists though…a good compromise!

  6. I love your bucket list and bucket lists in general often inspire me. I get ideas from them and yours is alive with creativity and wonderful dreams. While mine differs a bit – I am older and less time to fulfill my dreams – I can definitely share yours of visiting Prague, living/staying in Paris/a chateau (mine would include a long stay in London as well), and visiting the Pyramids. We also share wanting to see a book written by us in print though I have several ready and waiting, and hope it won’t be too long before I see that come true.

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