Tell me: How did she get here?

She stands alone, expressionless and oblivious to her surroundings as people swarm around her. She hears nothing. Sees nothing.

It is a city – somewhere, anywhere. The people have no time for anyone, not even themselves. They dress in Prada, Gucci, Burberry handbags in tow, entranced by their latest portable toys, faces obscured by sunglasses that bring the movie ‘The Fly’ to mind.

She stands still staring vacantly into nowhere, blue jeans torn, pink shirt faded, shoeless, and makeup-less.

She is suddenly jolted into reality by a man plunging into her shoulder, catapulting her backwards into the miscoloured concrete. He doesn’t notice, or he does not care, and is soon lost in the faceless crowd.

She strains to pick herself up from the ground, arms trembling and tears welling, as the emotions come flooding in.

How did she get here? 

Tell me – what is the next chapter in the story?

12 thoughts on “Tell me: How did she get here?

  1. The sudden realization that lay a more beautiful person behind the mask she had been wearing came as a shock. The rain was pouring down all wet and strong and she rushed out believing that the heavenly water would wash away the mask, would wash away the sorrows, the make up, the glitter which wasn’t hers. She sits there hoping that her the rain wets her soul and washes away the pain and brings out the naive girl she used to be. Before the city lights shone and made her soul and glittery and gold.

    She sits in the rain, hoping that the tears mix and pain goes.

  2. She knew that her chances of making it in the big city were slim. Her drunken mother had been slamming her with warnings of impending failure all week long. “A pretty face and those long dancers’ legs of yours aren’t going to get you anything but knocked up.” She spat, slurring her words around too much vodka and a life full of regrets. She feared her mother might be right but she didn’t think that leaving would nearly kill her.

    Memories of last night flash in fragments through her mind; bits and pieces of confusing scenes stirring her fear anew like memories of a nightmare.

    She lifts herself up off the pavement and is pushed into the steady flow of the crowd. She remembers being at a dance club with her new, and only, friend Sherry, also and escapee from a crappy life somewhere in Northeast. The two of them had met on the bus. It’s funny how life pairs you up sometimes. Like Noah’s crew, the two of them had been inseparable…until now.

    Trembling from the cold, she holds herself in an anxious embrace and forces herself forward. Her bare feet are numb; her stringy hair hangs in front of her eyes, clumped like yesterday’s spaghetti. She is lost.

  3. I’m thinking of a song by an old friend who is a singer/songwriter. It begins, “New York City rain. I don’t know if it’s making me dirtier or clean … ” That’s where she is.

  4. Through her tears, she stares at the people as they rush by. Not caring. Not noticing her. As if she were invisible.
    Then she realizes that they can’t see her. To them, she isn’t there. She is nobody. Nothing.
    Who am I?
    She cannot answer that question.
    Where do I come from?
    She digs into her mind for a memory, for a hint of an answer. All she can see is a beach, its sands gleaming in the late afternoon light. A sunset. A ball of red fire so strong that she has to turn her head away.
    What am I doing in this place?

    Janine, Love it. Want to read more.

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