Deferred Unemployment

So today I did the unthinkable…I deferred my unemployment for a few weeks.

Say what?

Yes – you read correctly. I will be at work a bit longer than initially intended. I’m actually okay with it as I suggested it (and it turns out my boss was going to ask me to stay on a bit longer anyway).

I actually feel good about my decision. No, I wasn’t coerced, as some people may believe. It’s just that I like my team, and I really get along well with some of the other people there. I mean, they were the main thing keeping me there in the first place, and some of the reasons why it took me so long to make the decision to leave. And I really am leaving them in the lurch…plus I’m nowhere near getting done what I had intended on getting done before I leave (I’m not one to just dump things and then let others pick up the pieces).

I know some people think I’m a ‘sucker’ – either for punishment, or just a push over. But it’s not like I’m sitting here going ‘how am I going to get through these next few weeks’ and ‘what have I done.’ No – it’s actually the opposite – I now feel more at peace with my decision. The only thing that bothers me is that I had my last day planned perfectly – so that it was the day before my 34th birthday. I’ve never worked on my birthday, and I didn’t exactly want to start now…doh!

9 thoughts on “Deferred Unemployment

  1. Really admire you for the “not leaving them in a lurch” thing. Shows SUCH a great moral working you have for yourself. You ARE leaving, and that’s the good thing. You’re also leaving on your terms, and that’s better. You should be proud of what you are doing. Anyone else say otherwise is a fool.

  2. Shows that you are a responsible worker and that may be the most important factor here. Leaving them in the lurch and letting down your team might have led to both personal and professional repercussions. Unfortunate about your birthday, but most of us have to spend most of our birthdays either at school or at work. It’s a rare pleasure to have them fall on weekends.

  3. An early birthday gift to
    Congratulation to you on doing the “unthinkable” and emerging as the strong, determined woman you are! The only way is to look ahead and find yourself as doing what you actually want to!

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