Monday Photo-day: Clouds

As a kid, I used to stare at the clouds in the sky for hours…I would admire their fluffiness, the contrasting colours, the shapes (‘look there’s a dog…and a rabbit!’) as well as imagining what they felt like (softer than cotton wool).

My love for clouds hasn’t diminished throughout the years. It’s just that I forget that they are there a lot of the time. It’s like forgetting to take time to smell the roses. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race, in trying to make that life for ourselves, that we actually forget to open our eyes and actually live.

For those that haven’t managed to make the time to stop recently, here are some clouds that I have captured, just for you.



7 thoughts on “Monday Photo-day: Clouds

  1. Funny thing! A day earlier (it’s still Sunday here in the States), my son and i were traveling from DC to Philly (to see baseball, my daughter/son-in-law/grandson), and we were playing the cloud game, too! (Yes, I can drive, see the clouds, talk- and control my vehicle…)

  2. More outstanding photos. Spectacular is a better word. Please, sometime, put together an album of your best together with blog post so we can all appreciate them anew.

  3. Awesome photos Janine…I am captivated by clouds, and have taken a bazillion photos of them. Just looking at them is therapeutic for me…thanks for sharing these magnificent photos today.
    ~cath xo

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