I’m looking for the right words…

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I’ve done a lot of thinking about this new blogging series I’m going to launch in September. The problem is that I’m not 100% happy with the name of the series…it’s just I haven’t been able to come up with anything better at the moment…I mean, it was hard enough coming up with a name for my dog 10 years ago, and don’t get me started on naming this blog – sheesh! That was just painstaking!

So, I’m putting a call out to my readers. What would you like to see the series called, instead of the working title ‘Embracing Difference’?

A reminder of the concept –

It is all about showcasing the beauty of difference and individuality in the world – be it hair colour, dress, physicality, heritage, religion, lifestyle, passion, career, country/place of residence, etc. 

It is about giving a voice or an outlet to those like myself, and others like myself, who have been bullied throughout their lives for being ‘different’ in some way.

It is about showing that there is nothing wrong with being different – that we are all special in our own way.

It is about sharing interviews, stories and pictures…of you, me, my Mum, your friend, your Great Grandad, that person you have always admired, or that someone who needs a champion.

Now tell me, what would you call it? I will bestow on thee who comes up with the perfect title the honour of…something.  I’ll need to think of that too now – damn it!


16 thoughts on “I’m looking for the right words…

  1. In India we always use this phrase because of the multitude of cultures and heritages just from one country. We call it “Anekta mei Ekta” – Unity In Diversity.

    Will let you know if I come up with something better.

  2. Janine: you already created the title of the blog without realizing it:

    The Beauty of Difference. or The Beauty in Diversity. Either one, to me, would MAKE me want to stop and take a look.


  3. Hi Janine, Embracing difference works. Trying to come up with something different as required I was thinking along the lines of different faces but one heart etc. We look different but share the same feelings so something like Hues of Humanity. If I can tinker around with this more I’ll let you know.

  4. I agree that “Embracing Difference” works. However, Difference is a very general word. Diversity seems to “embrace” more or go deeper. Maybe you need to either challenge your readers with something like, “Embrace Diversity” or “Face Diversity” or question them, “What Is Diversity?” I think Mary’s “Hues of Humanity” is very creative and also covers this subject as you outlined it.

  5. I also like the title, Embracing Difference, but all the suggestions are good. I also like the world Diversity. The whole thing reminds me of the Sly and the Family Stand song, Everyday People, so that’s another suggestions.

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