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So many of you who have either followed my journey, or whom I have met along the way, would know that I’ve been grappling with a decision I should have made a while ago.

Well, good news! The decision has been made…I actually went through with it and handed in my resignation yesterday. This was after the weekend where I had some rather vicious nightmares about some people from work, of which as a culmination of episodes, I took as a sign (this was accompanied by me sleeping in both Saturday and Sunday until 11am due to exhaustion). As it would have it, I do believe that I was meant to wait until now for this to happen. I was meant to meet some of my fantastic colleagues, I was meant to learn what I have, I was meant to experience what I have – all for reasons that are clear to me now.

So, what now?

I actually have no idea. All I do know is that I’m really looking forward to a few weeks off, to cleaning the neglected house, to finding the watch I misplaced somewhere in the house 4 months ago, to cleaning the car, to walking the dog, to exercising, to reading, to babysitting my nieces, to meditating, to taking up yoga again, to sleeping, to writing more, to taking more photos, to chatting to everyone that has reached out to me over the last year, to whatever life has in store for me in my next chapter…I’m scared, but also excited at the same time. I just need my body to last through the next 3 weeks…hang in there!


20 thoughts on “Hello Voluntary Unemployment

  1. Than we will need to catch up in three weeks time ;). It was a year ago that you were in this delimma. Iam soo happy that you are taking some ‘ me time’ and taking a break to just be and give your energy to what is really important to you-living a balance life. All the best!

  2. This is NOT the forum for which I would provide information.
    However, for those who are considering such radical surgery on their lives and livelihoods…
    You must prepare for the outcome. That means determine what you plan to do next. Of course, the younger you are, the less important that may seem. Until rent comes due. So spend your nights and weekends now discerning what counts, what you want, and find a mentor to guide you through the changes.
    May the force be with you. We need your energy and your changes.

    • Thank you Roy – great advise. Yes – to all I have a few plans (not just one). The problem being sticking with what I want and am meant to do – rather then getting distracted by what others believe I should be doing, or those crazy offers others would perceive as great opportunities – that just aren’t what I should be doing.

  3. Hey you!

    I am so glad you are doing something and taking time out for yourself! 😀

    I know it’s scary but I am willing to listen if you need someone to talk to! 😀

    Cheers, Marisa

  4. I am happy that you have made this decisio- I have made the same and my last day is the 25th of August. I am much more relaced.. No job is worth such a huge level of stress. As for what future holds for you, well, take it one step at a time.

  5. Hey well done you,

    You’ve taken the big leap into the unknown trust me you’ve made the right choice. I went there 8 months ago and when I look back now, it’s the best thin that’s ever happened to me. If you ever need a hand on anything just ask. 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I’m moving towards being a little lost, incredibly exhausted and wondering if I can get through the remaining 3 weeks, and excited and hopeful! I will let you know. I’m looking over your blog – very intriguing!

  6. It must be a huge relief having made that decision. Hopefully you will get enough time to relax and then get on to whatever the next step in life is…but most important for now is to relax…enjoy your time and good luck for the last few weeks of work!

  7. I am glad that you are taking time for yourself Janine, I hope that you are able to take time and spend time and smell the roses. I know that you will come better and stronger for it.

  8. Having found myself in such a “scary” place (not of my choosing) a few years ago and afterward realizing I should have “taken charge” on my own sooner, much like you did, I commend you.

    Sure it will be hard and sure you will have doubts, but keep focused and believing in yourself and you will find its pretty easy to see your way clear to a more “happy” life!

    All the best and keep updated on your progress!


    • Will do Michael. Im a wee bit low tonight but I think that’a just exhaustion and a bit of nervousness creeping in 🙂 Thank you. People like you who have already done this are keeping me focussed as Im getting a lot of detractors and people trying to tempt me with offers that aren’t right.

  9. You made the only decision you could. Having followed your journey from start of your ordeal to this climactic end, it must be a tremendous relief for you that it’s over. Glad you have taken some lessons from this experience. I once chucked in a job that wasn’t half as bad as what yours sounded like because it was draining me of all energy and interest. Another blogger, Giulietta the Muse, wrote about giving up a good job with nothing else in sight because she felt it wasn’t right for her. And you know what? When you make a life-changing/saving decision such as this one, often something really good happens, something so unexpected that it may leave you wondering if you could have somehow intuited that it would happen.

    • Thanks Penelope. It’s weird as ever since I’ve resigned it’s like a roller-coaster, as the offers are flooding in, some that I know I definitely do not want, even with the ridiculous amount of money on offer. I’m trying so hard to hold back and hang in there for a good few weeks of where I can just really take the time to smell the roses and slowly make up my mind. Right now, having come home early from work as my body felt like it was going to collapse, and then having a nap for a few hours, I just feel wiped out and want to go away somewhere sunny to recoup. Waking up to an incredibly wild storm just added to the intensity of my feelings right now. I need to remember to just breathe and focus on getting through the next 2 and a bit weeks. x

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