Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As a kid I loved Cyndi Lauper…’Girls Just Wanna Have Fun‘, ‘She Bops’,  and the classic ‘Time After Time‘.

I woke up yesterday, after having a weird sleep. I’d been stressing over work in my sleep, had woken to stressing over work, and had fallen back to sleep to only have nightmares about…you guessed it! Work. Anyhow, I woke up in a state of weirdness, and grabbed for the dog for my morning cuddle. I then stumbled out into the lounge room to find Denis with his headphones on, playing soccer on the x-box, and a clock displaying 11.30am. Sheesh! I must have needed a lie in! And do you know what was really weird? Denis had let me have a lie-in! Bless his cotton socks 🙂

Anyway, after the trauma of the night and morning I had experienced, I decided to throw routine to the wind…Well, actually – I had already told Denis before I’d trundled off to bed the night before that I just wanted to have some fun. So – that is what we set out to do on Saturday. Forget the house cleaning. Forget the grocery shopping. Forget normality…we set out to have some fun (and since I obviously needed some therapy, the ocean was the direction we headed in).

My driver - thy name is Denis

My ‘driver’ – as he calls himself (he has watched too much of Jason Statham in ‘The Transporter‘) – hit the coast road…one of the many in Western Australia…and it was just what the doctor ordered.

After a minor hiccup, which saw my right leg forgetting how to walk in the middle of a car park, resulting in a twisted ankle, grazed knee and cut hand – and possibly lost humility – we found a place to settle down in the sun (The Monk, Fremantle), to wine and dine (the fall was BEFORE the wine).

Janine plus Vitamin D and a glass of wine

It was a lovely afternoon out. We took the SLR camera and had a play around. We had some lovely food and beverages in one of my favourite towns in the world – Fremantle. We explored the markets and picked up some incense from one of my favourite shops in the world – The Blue Buddha (as well as freaking out as I was drawn to a stone called Kyanite which – as the story goes – ends up being JUST WHAT I NEED now!).

I'm feeling happy

And we ended the day at the South Mole, Fremantle, walking, exploring, laughing (with Denis teasing me about spraining my ankle again on everything, including the rocks I was insisting on crawling over), and taking pics. Oh, and Denis picked up some fresh prawns and cooked him dinner. Bless him again.

11 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. That is among the things I miss most. Having lived by the best two beaches in the continental US… I loved the waves and the views. Don’t get me wrong, swimming for hours in a pool is nice- but a beach with waves- sublime.
    Glad you found your therapy useful. Now, the question is- did the nightmares return last night?

  2. I am so happy for you girl!
    Living in such hot weathers makes it tough for me to just go out and “have fun”! But maybe sometime soon! Prawns sound like a beautiful end to the day. Looks like you just made the best decision; good luck to you!

  3. After the nightmares, the calm. What a great day! Just what you needed – except for the fall. However, take the nightmares as a warning.. I seem to remember that from the start, you had reservations and doubts about this work. Next time, listen to your inner self and heed your intuition.

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