Monday Photo-day: Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Confucius

I know it’s not Monday yet, but this blog will be migrated over the coming day or two to a self-hosted platform.

For me, these photos need few words to accompany them. Can you see the beauty?


Sun Dial

Running Water

A love for animals


A Bucket list

Do you have a ‘bucket list‘?

I’ve thought of making one…Actually, I’ve probably even been doing this subconsciously for a while.

There are a few things that jump to mind for mine straight away:


Prague…3 trips to Europe and I never made it there, even though BEFORE my last 2 trips I was certain I would. I WILL get there, and it will be amazing!

Writing a book. Yes, I’ve collaborated in ebooks, but call me old-fashioned. I still love print…paper…hard copies…real books. I will write one, oh yes, I will write one.

See one of my favourite bands – The Foo Fighters – live in concert. The tickets arrived in the mail yesterday! WOOH. 

The Foo Fighters

Live in France. I have a dream, and it involves living in a château, or an apartment, in France…one of my visions for the dream is to live as a writer in an apartment in Paris. The other – well, it yearns for the peace, beauty and serenity of the countryside (and even if it’s a month, I’m going to classify that as ‘living’, as I will completely encompass myself in the surroundings, the food, the culture, the wine, the lifestyle…).

Visit the Pyramids in Egypt. I know they are highly glamourised, and will not be anything like they are described in the history books I studied as a teenager, but I still believe that they will be amazing. I mean, I was awestruck by Stonehenge and the Coliseum – and they are very touristy. I think Egypt and the Pyramids would blow me away.

The Pyramids, Egypt

I know there are other things that could be added to my list – but at the moment I can’t think of anything apart from places I want to visit…of which I will blame on my itchy feet!

What makes your bucket list?

The Beauty of Difference is coming soon…

Australian Painted Lady, Vanessa kershawi, fee...

Image via Wikipedia

8 days left till I finish up at my job, the thought of which leaves me a but nauseous this evening…perhaps from the growing butterflies in my belly?

7 days left until my new blogging series ‘The Beauty Of Difference‘ commences, right here on Reflections From A Red Head, the thought of which makes me very excited about sharing with you the many stories, interviews and photos of so many ‘different’ people throughout the world.

And 5 days left until I turn 34…in a way it feels like I am starting my life again. It also (and finally) feels like I have reached a point in my life whereby I have realised what the last almost-34 years were building up to, and in a way come back to the path I had wanted to head down so many years ago – but had deviated from.

My life is changing on this life-journey, as are the lives of the people who will soon share their stories with you. I hope that we manage to share something with you that will also help you along your journey, whatever that may entail.



The Beauty Of Difference kicks off on 1 September 2011, and will involve people sharing their stories and photos dedicated to championing all that is beautiful about being ‘different’.

Tell me: How did she get here?

She stands alone, expressionless and oblivious to her surroundings as people swarm around her. She hears nothing. Sees nothing.

It is a city – somewhere, anywhere. The people have no time for anyone, not even themselves. They dress in Prada, Gucci, Burberry handbags in tow, entranced by their latest portable toys, faces obscured by sunglasses that bring the movie ‘The Fly’ to mind.

She stands still staring vacantly into nowhere, blue jeans torn, pink shirt faded, shoeless, and makeup-less.

She is suddenly jolted into reality by a man plunging into her shoulder, catapulting her backwards into the miscoloured concrete. He doesn’t notice, or he does not care, and is soon lost in the faceless crowd.

She strains to pick herself up from the ground, arms trembling and tears welling, as the emotions come flooding in.

How did she get here? 

Tell me – what is the next chapter in the story?