The Crush

Love Love Love

Image by Gregory Jordan via Flickr

Seeing you standing there set me alight. My heart jumped ten feet out of my chest as I spotted you out of the corner of my eye.

Of course, I had been expecting you. I had dreamt about this moment, over and over. I had it planned. I knew you would come eventually. But still, my body betrayed me. The cheeks – I could feel them redden. They always betrayed me, as did my facial expressions. My heart began to beat faster, and my stomach…yes it churned. Nausea crept up on me, and I looked down at my feet, attempting to will all of my energy into what I was about to do, and to not stuff it up. Just breath. In…Out…In…Out. Now focus. It was now or never.


7 thoughts on “The Crush

  1. You captured it so well, Janine!…’expecting’ to see him, planning for everything, and seeing him from JUST the corner of your eye and yet your whole being becomes fully aware of his presence….Oh the joys and anguish of a crush!

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