Moments in Time

Holding Hands

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At times it feels like there is way too much ugliness in the world. War, famine, death, destruction, economic turmoil…sometimes it seems hard to focus on seeing anything beautiful.

But beauty can be glimpsed within all kinds of moments – either shared or witnessed. All you need to do is open your eyes and focus on seeing the beauty that surrounds you.

The old woman who shines whilst sharing the memoirs of her and her husband, who is now just a memory.

The little baby looking up in awe at the strange world around them.

The pregnant woman, who in all her glory, emits a sense of strength and pride.

The old man revelling at the sight of his grandchildren growing and exploring the world.

The teenage boy showing such pride over his ‘new’ car, brought with his own savings.

The grown man, moved to tears at his younger sisters wedding – and then embracing his grandmother in his arms during the dance.

Your Grandad holding your Gran’s hand tenderly as they walk through the crowded shopping centre, after 50 years of marriage.

That sparkle in the eye, those moments of joy, that feeling of warmth that encompasses your body, smiles – and possibly laughter.

It is when people are truly at one with the moment that beauty shows itself.


18 thoughts on “Moments in Time

  1. We are surrounded by good and bad, and it’s far too easy not to notice the good, the beautiful. Those moments are somehow quieter and less insistent on our attention than the bad and the ugly, but once one develops the habit of looking for the good and the beautiful, it’s easily seen – everywhere – in simple, essential moments.

  2. When you started by mentioning the ugliness in this world, I immediately thought of all the continuing horrors that have happened and are happening every day. And then, miraculously it seemed, you transitioned into the every day beauty we can find all around us, and they were such joyful instances that make our lives worth living. All I can do is thank God or whatever higher power for sparing me the former and giving me the latter. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Your welcome Penelope. I’m glad the post didn’t turn out the way you initially anticipated. To be honest, the guts of it as taken from something I wrote in 1997. I was reading through an old journal and saw glimmers of this and thought wow – I could really turn this into something more.

  3. Lovely post Janine. I have to admit that my innate cynicism doesn’t always allow me to see things as beautiful. But when I’m alone, walking in the morning I see tons of it. =)

  4. When I first saw my nephew and niece,I thought life couldn’t be more beautiful. It is all about looking for the beauty in all things around you. Evil just makes us realize the value of the good, if they weren’t no evil / bad… we wouldn’t treasure good either!

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