That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Love is a crazy thing, and it sure can make you do some absolutely stupid things.

Here’s a few things that I’ve done ‘in the name of love’:

  • Stalked.
  • Became a mute. As a teenager I fell in ‘love’ with a few boys, but I had a problem. I was shy as a mouse and blushed incredibly easy. Talking, or even looking at the boy when he was near, was out of the question. So I would not talk, and I would obsess from afar. No surprises that I didn’t land my first boyfriend until I was 24 years old. I fooled myself that I had better things to concentrate on such as ‘study’ and ‘my travels’.
  • Sulked.
  • Became a spectator. In my mid-20’s I sat by and watched as my then-boyfriend and his mates snorted speed off a table and popped pills. They would then tell me that there was something wrong with me since I wouldn’t join them. I really don’t understand why I put up with 2 1/2 years of that? Oh, that’s right, I had NO confidence!
  • Pined.
  • Self-sabotaged my European travels. I should have been foot loose, fancy free, and working my way around the UK and Europe. Instead, I fell for a boy whilst living and working at a pub in Bristol (I had run out of money and had to take up a live in job. He was one of the chefs who ‘rescued’ me and the Manager one night when her husband – the other crazy chef – started beating her up). I fell bad, and stayed there way too long. At least it was long enough to discover that he had a dark side too…which succeeded in destroying my naivety along with my trust in chefs.
  • Cried my little heart out.
  • Broken someones heart. As I was falling for the English Chef, I had a boyfriend waiting patiently for me back home in Oz. Unfortunately for him, I had discovered the world and myself. I had also come to the realisation that I did not love him anymore. So I did what I thought was right and hopped on a plane to fly home. I really believed that I was doing the right thing. How gutless would it be to break up with someone over the phone or via email, especially when you had been together for 3 years? He didn’t see it that way though.
  • Settled!
  • Bought a house with a man! I was one of those women who was never going to settle down, was never going to stay in one place and was certainly never going to commit to a mortgage (or marriage!). About two years ago something happened, and I committed to a mortgage with my partner. Strange thing is, after all the stress, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!

So now that I’ve bared my heart and soul, what crazy things have YOU done in the name of love?

29 thoughts on “That Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. You have to meet the wrong ones to meet the right one. Yes I just wrote something very corny, but it’s true! Glad you are happy and in love. I have definitely done the above. Also sitting by my phone for hours! HOURS!!

  2. Oh, my. Stalked, muted, pined, cried, settled – sure. Been there, done that. … but then there was the time that I skipped a calculus exam in high school because my love was in town and I wasn’t prepared. I’m not sure what excuse I gave, but the teacher didn’t give me a zero. She did, however, decide she didn’t like me and blocked my getting into the honor society. In retrospect, I did the right thing – if only because I did it for love.

    And your heart’s not little, Janine.

  3. Man, there is not enough room in this little box to cover even a decade of antics!
    But, the best things I ever did and do out of love are for my kids and grandchild. They are not only my hope for the future- but they serve as hope for the rest of the world, too!.

  4. I think I checked off seven from your list! Loved this one Janine! I was extremely shy myself, sulked, stalked, pined, cried, broke someone’s heart (who earlier broke me into pcs as well so I guess we came out even?), and bought a house/got married. I also sent an anonymous letter to someone to express my feelings and even made sure to mail it at some other location that can’t be traced back to me, lol! Crazy times but I sure had lots of fun :-))

  5. Wow! These all hit “home” with me!! And, I’ve done the drunk texting thing on more than one occasion, and I agree it never works out to a good conclusion!

    All the best!


  6. This makes me kind of depressed. Too much bad memories to discuss here! I’ve cried like crazy, lost my confidence and done some terrible things the thought of which makes me gloomy 😦 So let’s not talk about it!

    But yes, the love for my nephew and niece has a different take all together! Also, the love for my siblings! My younger brother is 6 years younger to me and I have always treated him like a lil kid! That is one kind of love!

    Beautiful post but brings back a lot of bad nasty memories for me 😦

    • Im so sorry to have brought back bad memories for you Hajra. If it helps, most of the things I wrote about were bad memories I’ve tried to deal with for a few years, and it was actually quite therapeutic trying to write about them and in doing so make them humorous. It has really helped remove some of the ‘power’ from those memories.

  7. I guess I would say, the biggest/worst thing I ever did for love was be the other woman. At the time, it doesn’t seem like you’re wrong… you’re in love and whoever that skank he’s with is doesn’t matter. But in the end, I felt cheap and bad. But we live and we learn!

  8. Wow this one made me stop and think Janine, and I would have to say most of these things I have done. It makes you wonder how you ever get to the stage where you do all of these silly things and yet when you look back you wonder what you were thinking. I have now found my lover,best friend,confidant and after 11 years I am disgustlinly happily married and have two children. They now have to go through all of this…. wonder if I could get away with arranged marriages it would be easier than buying shares in Kleenex.

  9. I got married and moved to the middle of nowhere. 🙂

    I ended a destructive friendship (a so-called friend was slandering my boyfriend (now husband) and trying to break us up).

    I told someone I wasn;t interested in them THAT WAY….just to hide the fact I really was. Crazy!

  10. Did all the things you did plus a few more. Once, when things weren’t going well with my boyfriend, I rang his office and found he was in Puerto Rico. I was living in Mexico City. I went crazy, threw everything to the wind, and hopped on the next plane to PR. I asked the taxi driver to take me to best hotel in the city as I was certain I’d find him there. I didn’t, but the following day, as I was walking out to the pool next to a very long bar, who did I see but the love of my life fondling another woman? I just walked straight past them. Then I went even crazier – but that’s another story. When I got back, everyone was mad at me for disappearing for almost a week. It was a miracle I wasn’t fired. In the end, I pined for this man for 35 years until the day he died.

  11. Ohhhh Janine…wild and crazy, carefree shy Janine. Stick around and someday soon, when I get up the nerve, I will write of unheard of male stupidity in the name of love (really called infatuation). You’re not so odd as all of us have done, felt, reacted in silly ways do to our affection for the opposite sex. 🙂

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