Embarking on a European Adventure (2008)

This is in exert from the start of a travel journal I wrote in 2008. I have many travel journals and hope to use them to create my own book one day.

The countdown is on – only two sleeps until we fly out. 

It’s been exactly three years since I returned to my home town, Perth, from my 9 1/2 month adventure in Europe and UK – the stress of running out of money in Europe, the insanity of working and living in a crazy English pub which at times was cut off from civilisation due to floods, meeting some not-to-nice people, whilst also making some fabulous long term friends and getting to know my beautiful English family.  

I ended up skulking home not really wanting to return to Perth – but knowing that I needed to come home, and that I was doing the right thing (damn my conscience!).  I hadn’t planned to be ‘home’ long, I know that much.  I had come home to see my family, and to deal with what I had left behind – a lovestruck boy whom had waited patiently for me whilst I had gone off ‘to find myself’.

The strangest things happen when you least expect it…life, love, living…


Us near Wembley Stadium, England

Three years later and I am FINALLY heading back to Europe, be it only for 4 1/2 weeks.  This time I’m heading over there with my sister, Eloise, and my ‘new’ partner Denis in tow. What makes this really exciting is that they are ‘virgins’. Denis has only been to Bali, and Eloise hasn’t even been out of the country.  It’s so very exciting. 

I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when we land in Roma (after we have initially gotten over the jet lag, over-tiredness, and the wanting to kill each other stage).

I also can’t wait to see my English family again.  I miss them so much.  And my friends…It’s really hard having your best friends scattered around the world, and not within reach in the same town.  It does give you even more of a reason to get out there and see the world though!  

But most of all I can’t wait to walk the streets of Roma, rediscovering the ruins, losing my breath viewing ‘la pieta’ and the Cistine Chapel once again.  And then exploring the food, art and people of Paris – the one place in the world I have felt most alive.  


16 thoughts on “Embarking on a European Adventure (2008)

  1. Totally jealous Janine! Some day I am so go to get there even if I am going to be the crazy old lady back packing across Europe and staying in hostels with all the young ‘uns! 🙂

  2. How fantastic Janine – a soujourn to gay Pareee and Roma! I have always wanted to visit Rome and the Sistine Chapel. I loved Paris, the architecture and the gardens are so incredibly beautiful and magnificent. Enjoy your time with the virgins, I am sure you will be able to teach them a thing or two!

  3. Looking forward to reading all about your travels. I have visited Australia twice, but we never made it to Perth. I used to live in London, and enjoyed travelling to Paris on Eurostar, but I have never been to Roma so looking forward to hearing more (especially insider tips). Will you be visiting España? We live here now, and love it! Sue

  4. I look forward to reading more of your travel journal. How exciting to be going again and to see it anew through the eyes of the virgins. I love when friends come to Turkey with me for the first time and I watch a lot of preconceptions go out the window.

  5. Traveling to Europe is always wonderful but nothing better than that first trip back. Introducing your “virgin” friends to all the great sights is also a great way to relive your own experiences through their eyes. What better than first stop, Roma? Also, I’m intrigued by the flooded pub where you worked. Can that be another story?

  6. I was absolutely absorbed by the excitement of this post, Janine!! =) I feel the exact same about traveling with my partner. He’s NEVER been out the country before and in a couple weeks we’re going to Ecuador together to renew my visa. WOOPDEDOO!! =)

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