Monday Photo-day: The River

The river that flows through the city of Perth, where I live, was named Swarte Swaene-Revier (Swan River) by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh in 1697. It was named so after the famous black swans of the area.

As the river is the centre of the city, and many of the surrounding suburbs, so the river is the centre of many of the locals lives, including my own. As a child, I have memories of swimming in the Swan, knees sinking down into the black muck, reaching into the murky waters to grab a fist-full of mud and fling it at my brother. My Mum had swimming lessons in the Swan when she was at school, and always shares the tale of when she was a teenager, swimming in the river, and feeling something bump her leg…the river has been known to have many inhabitants…along with the prawns and crabs we used to fish for were dolphins and sharks.

These days I work in a building directly across from the Swan. Here are some photos of the historic Swan River that I took during a lunchtime last week:

The River: Lens: Buckhorst H1 Film: Kodot XGrizzled Flash: Off

Swan River via Retro Camera Connector for iPhone

Stalking bird

Bird at lunchtime


4 thoughts on “Monday Photo-day: The River

  1. Janine,
    What incredible photographs! Some of the best I’ve seen. Do you have a collection? Do you do this as a sideline? Have you considered professional photography? Along with your vivid description of the river – the Dutch explorer (didn’t know the Dutch were also in Australia), black swans, murky muddy waters with all kinds of things in it bumping into you – this combination of art and prose actually made me want to visit Perth, something I’d never considered before.

    • Wow Penelope. Your comment has blown me away. I don’t have a collection. I don’t know what a sideline is?! I have considered professional photography, which is part of my plan and me doing this Monday posting thing of photos…I brought an SLR a few months back (woah before Christmas last year!!!) and want to get back to what I loved when I was younger. I’ve always loved photos.

      Yes the Dutch have a huge history in Australia. I think they are part of why Oz was initially called Van Diemens Land.

      Maybe I should go into tourism for Perth hey? hehe You are always welcome at my home.

  2. Beautiful photos Janine! i have to admit, I kind of felt uneasy reading about how your knees touched the black murky floor of the river when you were swimming. Although I am not a swimmer at all, so most stories of being in water make me uneasy 🙂

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