Things I Couldn’t Live Without

There are some things I just couldn’t live without:

  • Books – and by books I mean real books consisting of paper that are held in your hands and require you to manually turn the pages.
  • My Dog. My baby. My love. My beautiful girl.

What's Up?!

  • Music. Ah music…it has got me through so much in life.
  • Hugs.

  • My iPhone – okay, I admit it here and now…I have a problem.
  • My partner would probably say that I couldn’t live without my laptop…I mean, I could try! But I don’t want to!
  • My partners cooking. Until I met my partner I really didn’t look after myself. I swayed between not eating at all to eating too much. I now have a healthy appetite and love food – especially if cooked by my partner. He has such a talent and passion for food and cooking. I blame him for the added kilos I have put on since pairing up with him…at least now though I look healthy and not anorexic.


  • Hot showers. I’ve tried living in England where most people have only baths in their houses. Hot showers with good water pressure were one of the things I loved about coming home after 9 1/2 months. I could not take one more day of bathing in my own filth, and washing my hair in the bathroom sink. A bath, to me, is a luxury – used for a good relaxation or pamper session for oneself OR to bathe the kids or the dog.

What is it that you couldn’t live without?


25 thoughts on “Things I Couldn’t Live Without

  1. No wonder I like you so much – this could be my list too. Just substitute wife’s for partner’s cooking and we’re all set.

    Oh, except for your dog. I like mine though.

    : )

  2. Makes you sit back and realise just how good life is. Loved this post! Such a positive post and made me remember all the things I couldn’t live without.

  3. Ah, all material things. How about good health? How about a sense of belonging? And, since I am the eldest now- the loss of another family member?

    (BTW, I DETEST baths. For just the reason you said- plus the time differential. 72 seconds for a shower- it takes that long just for the tub to fill 1/2 way!)

    • Ah I was trying to keep it light-hearted Roy without getting into the deep and meaningful : ) I agree – but don’t want to think about stuff that will trigger the flood of tears at the moment. The inclusion of the pic of my Nan (RIP) was enough for me.

  4. Yes on the showers. I never liked taking a bath. A really strong water flow, a massage head attachment…ah, bliss. Music and books: here’s the thing: if they were taken away by a Fahrenheit 451 society, I’d be one of those that would tell the stores over and sing the songs. Too ingrained in me not to.

    So….not sure what i couldn’t live without. Sight and hearing, I think, would be the worst.

  5. OMG! I agree with every single bit on your list! And if I had a dog, I wouldn’t be able to live without him/her either! =P I’ve always dreamed of having a black Lab, but my apartment is still too small. =) In the meantime, I couldn’t live without my two kittens who will soon grow into ginormous cats.

    Hot showers are huge on my list too and water pressure makes a huge difference, especially here in the freezing Andes! Hot showers I can tick off, but water pressure… mm, nope. =( Unfortunately. =(

  6. Hi Janine –

    I’m with you on the hot shower situation. Always a must here with me. Also, I cannot live without my computer. Although I cannot do very much with it, lol, I like the connectivity and MS Word of course. Oatmeal…a must have every morning. 🙂

  7. I love your comment about hot showers. So true…Water pressure in England is a nightmare. Lol!
    I can’t see chocolate on your list. It would be on mine!

  8. I agree I couldn’t live without books. Last really good book I read was “Third Wish” by Robert Fulghum. It combined the book (5 books in 2 volumes over 900 pages) with music, third in your list. It comes with a CD of original music.”music is an elemental dimension of being human. The music we carry in our minds reveals much about us” Therefore the music in the lives of the characters of the novel was included on a CD to reveal more of their humanity. We are asked to pay as much attention to the music as the written word. It was a great read.

  9. No wonder we end up liking each others post so much; I am nodding like crazy to each except for the dogs…I never had a dog as a pet, my loved poultry and birds and I am just so used to them. I live in a hot country, so I am going to replace the hot showers with cold, icy cold showers at times! And my mom’s cooking, she is just the best cook in the world from traditionally Indian to French…she just tries it all and it turns out fabulous!

  10. Hot showers are because that is what you are used to. I like the hugs – you need 10 per day to be healthy. Your partner below the dog in the list – well I guess the dog does not talk back so maybe and he will always kiss you regardless.
    Fun blog thanks for sharing your favourite things

  11. Hi Janine,

    I am a physical books person too! I need to touch paper and flip pages 🙂

    I can relate to the shower issue. When we were renovating our apartment in Italy, we had a choice or either a bath or shower. I told my husband a bath is nice but a shower is necessary. We got the shower and I had a rainshower installed with good water pressure! What a treat 🙂

    That rack of lamb looks so good!

    I had fun reading this post and your dog is super cute 🙂


  12. Love your list, although my husband can barely cook toast so I’d have to go with my own cooking there lol Book (the real page turning kind, yes!), music, animals, showers, food. I think that about covers it. Although I’d add sex to my list, but that’s just because I’m a 45 year old walking hormone! LMAO

  13. Great list. More good insights into you and your lifestyle. I share a couple of your “can’t live without” things such as books and my laptop. I’d add a comfortable chair to that. I used to be obsessive about food and cooking and my pots and pans but all that’s changed and I’d have to say can’t live without spicy food or sweet stuff – chocolate, ice cream, desserts – though not in great quantity. Just daily. And In confess that I can’t live without my TV or my bed made in a certain way. BTW, I love baths – the old-fashioned kind that you luxuriate in.

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