Monday Photo-day: A Walk to Work

Last week I had to drop my car in to be serviced before work. As I drove to the car yard, I tossed about in my head how I would be getting to work once I handed over the keys.

I could take my chances on public transport? Hmmmm really – that option was never part of the equation. I mean, it’s Perth! Public transport is infamous.

My second option was to batter my eyelids and try to convince someone at the car yard to drop me off near work. It was only 10 minutes down the road…surely it wouldn’t be hard?

OR I could walk it. I estimated it would take just under an hour, max.

So I put my decision in the hands of the elements – would the rain stop and clouds clear to allow me to walk, or would the wind pick up, predicted thunder storms hit, forcing me to resort to my lashes?

As I neared the car yard, the rain stopped, sun starting to peek around the clouds. There was my decision made for me. Why not try and walk? [Great idea, apart from the fact that I had left both of my umbrellas on the kitchen table at home]. So I threw caution to the wind and set off on my journey.

The walk took me 50 minutes, but it was well worth it – aside from the much needed exercise. As I walked down the road, passing the houses, racecourse, river and parks, I was reminded of why I love to travel. It is because of my love of walking and exploring – the chances to soak up the surroundings, to smell the air, to notice the quirky differences between houses, the chance to get back to nature, and the joy of exchanging ‘hello’s’ with people walking their dogs.

The morning in question was especially beautiful as the sun was still rising.  As I walked I caught shimmers of sunlight in the droplets of water on the leaves of the trees.

Luckily I had my iPhone with me so that I could capture some of the beauty.


Tree at Swan River: Hipstamatic Connect for iPhone, Lens: Jimmy Film: Kodot XGrizzled Flash: Off

River through bars: Hipstamatic Connect for iPhone Lens: Buckhorst H1 Film: Kodot XGrizzled Flash: Off

The Swan River

Rain drops

And in a way, it was a sign that I have made the right move last week – the clouds may finally be clearing from my life.


13 thoughts on “Monday Photo-day: A Walk to Work

  1. Hi Janine,

    Thoreau said we should all walk four hours a day. Love that you decided to walk. It’s invigorating and it’s the future. No room for the bulging population to all have cars or work so far from home. Lovely photos! I try and walk around my town in the warmer weather. 40 minutes to the library and other spots of interest. My husband and I also walk to our fav restaurant in the summer.


  2. I’m glad you chose to walk – I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Good exercise, too. I’m close enough to work that I often debate with myself whether to try it, but it would be an hour at a good clip for me – I’d arrive all hot and sweaty (right now, it’s nearly 100 degrees and it’s not even 10 AM yet). There are no sidewalks or bike paths, either, so while it’s less than 4 miles, most mornings it’s tantamount to a death wish. But still… it’s tempting, some days.

  3. Janine,
    You already know that I love to walk for the pure pleasure of it as well as looking at my surroundings, but you’ve added another dimension to walking with your incredibly beautiful photos.

  4. wonderful post and the photos are amazing! I am an iPhone-a-phile too and love the Hipstamatic app! Thanks for sharing Janine…
    PS…you never get the flavor of life unless you are out there in it up to your knees…life from a windshield just isn’t the same is it?
    ~cath xo
    Twitter @jonesbabie

  5. So glad you took the walk, we get to see these amazing photographs! I should try walking to work, not possible in this hot and humid weather though, I might be dehydrated by the time I am there! 😦

    Loved the pictures so so much! I am thinking of getting an iPhone!

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