What color is your mood today?

I’m think I’m feeling blue. Although I’m not exactly sad, so maybe it’s not blue? Blue can be associated to peace and serenity, which sounds so lovely – but I’m not feeling at peace this evening. No, it’s not blue.

Maybe I’m feeling purple…When I was younger kids used to say that I couldn’t wear purple because I had red hair…and that wasn’t on. I was also told wearing purple meant I was sexually frustrated. No…that’s not how I’m feeling. 

Red. Now red is my favourite colour, of which I generally associate with vibrance and power.  But all I can associate it to at the moment is an angry bull ‘seeing red‘. No, red was last weeks colour theme at work, Monday through to Wednesday…and not just for myself as it really seemed like it was the colour for most of the people last week.

‘Green as envy’. I think not. Nothing to be envious about at the moment. That’s good!

It’s definitely not yellow. There’s nothing sunny about this evening, or today even. Did the sun even come out from under the clouds? I wouldn’t know as I got to work early and the sun had set by the time I had left work this evening.

Everything is Grey

I’m now being drawn to a light grey. Dependent on what website you refer to, feeling ‘grey’ could mean that I am anxious, nervous or bored. It could also mean I’m dull. That suits me perfectly tonight.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to waking up brighter : ) I might even wear some blue – for some added encouragement in my quest for inner peace and serenity.


What colour is your mood today?

How do you use colour to brighten up your day?

Do you believe in the association between colour and mood – what some refer to as colour psychology?



37 thoughts on “What color is your mood today?

  1. When I am feeling a bit down, I put my red coat on, and I try to avoid my black clothes. I love seeing people looking at me in my bright read coat.
    Today, I am feeling a bit blue too. Probably because of the end of a long week…Take care!

  2. What a great post! I love color and I do think it can affect mood, and describe our moods. There’s a book I like to read to my grandson called “Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss. I love it! I feel yellow today – – a deep, strong yellow.

  3. I know green is supposed to associate with envy but I alway associate it with feeling peaceful and serene. I guess I’m feeling green but my shade! Great article. Color association can really help focus on how we feel. Thanks for sharing your musings on what color you are!

  4. If one’s kind of frustrated and angry (red), and then also sad and missing someone (bluish-gray), mixed in with some moments of happiness (yellow)….I guess I’ll end up being black! Interesting…..hmmm……

  5. I am such a firm believer of color psychology! Works anyday for me, though I would disagree on what many colors signify for many people. Colors I think are too personal, for example, our first house way gray, and since then I have always associated gray with homeliness and also power – love gray business suits! So, I think personal experiences with color also has an important role to play. For each their own color!

  6. Today I’m feeling orange and kind of fizzy. Spent the day laughing with my class of 6 year olds. This evening I won second and third place in the landscape photography section and third place in the portrait section of our annual camera club exhibition.

  7. Interesting how I dress to fit my colour mood when possible. Today I am wearing lots of shades of blue – oh right that’s because that is the colour of my casual wardrobe. Blue = peacefulness I am told. Nice blog

  8. Great post Janine. I am a big believer in colour and mood, Even wearing different colours can impact our mood.
    I do associate red for power and movement, yellow for happiness, white for pure spirituality and black for depression.
    Love your grey photo……:)

  9. Interesting post! I’m usually black. Sometimes red, white or grey. Very occasionally purple or blue. I don’t know what any of them mean really. But I’ve had a particularly lousy day and recall a song by The Smiths that went… “I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside.”

  10. That link is really fascinating! I do dress more according to my moods than to fashion. I’m drawn to purple and green (certain shades of green appeal, others repulse – I’m not too fond of bright, kelly green, but love a dusty sage or soothing forest green). When I was younger, I preferred “earth tones” – mostly shades of brown or gray or burnt orange. I don’t necessarily go along with the conventional symbolism; I think that’s akin to sense memory, in some ways, and more closely aligned to personal experience. But what that other page said about energy levels and moods is quite accurate in some ways. Yellow is cheerful, but it makes me feel a bit anxious and impatient, and I’m just never drawn to it in clothing choices at all (besides, with my coloring, the only shade I can wear is very pale).

  11. AH today I can relate to the grey. I was full of anticipation and possibly pinky/orangey, but then I’ve been let down and so now feel grey. Hopefully this will improve, soon.
    Josie x

  12. My color today is mottled, a grey background with red, blue and green spots on it. Read what you want into that.
    I love how you relate color and moods. I agree that grey is a much more appropriate color for when we are in low spirits than the more serene blue.
    Yellow was never my color and I find sunny frustrating. Perhaps because I used to be a sun worshiper in my youth and now, I can go out in the sun.
    I like to wear dark colors for practical rather than mood reasons, but since you mentioned it, I occasionally wear bright red or bright when I’m feeling good.

  13. I am feeling blue in the sad sense of the word and not necessarily the meaning of the color. That is because our son graduated high school last night. Today he is off working a full time job, 7 days a week to save for spending money for college. So my husband and I have been sharing memories today of our precsious son, our one and only. Now my husband is at work, I should be working, but instead I am feeling blue and think that is ok for today.

    Appreciate your post today Janine – I know tomorrow will bring a better light and inspiration. Its just sometimes you have to have some lows to keep you normal.

    • Ah I totally agree Lynn. We do all have to experience those lows in life. A good reminder (after the fact).
      Treasure those beautiful memories of your son. It must be hard as it’s like he has ‘left the nest’.

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