Carpe Diem

Carpe diem - sieze the day

Image by maxymedia via Flickr

Why is it when one thing in your life is going REALLY well, something (or someone) decides to throw a spanner in your works and upset your attempt at serenity? And then, when that something (or someone) sorts itself out, why does something else decide to upset your apple cart?

Perhaps it’s Murphy’s Law (Ah Murphy, where would I be without you and your law) for ‘Anything that possibly can go wrong, does’. At least good ole’ Murphy has taught me how to continually bounce back, along with to always expect something…

Or it could be self-sabotage? For why allow myself to be happy and achieve that inner-peace I so desire…In the words of Aerosmith, I do secretly thrive on the stress and excitement of ‘Living on the Edge’!

If it’s not either of those, it may just mean I’m living my life.

Seriously, if we aren’t laughing, loving and learning then we aren’t really living are we? So, get out there and seize the day I say!

29 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Absolutely Janine. What I have learned in life is that there are always obstacles, always challenges and today is the only day we have to seize…so go do it!

    Before I go, I’ll share this quote from Louise Bedfords newsletter:

    “Obstacles cannot stop you. Problems cannot stop you. Most of all other people cannot stop you. Only YOU can stop you.”

    I’m counting on big things from you 🙂

  2. Mary Chapin Carpenter: sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

    (For most American women and a few men: a spanner is a wrench. Ahem. And a windshield is the windscreen for you folks. For us the windscreen protects a microphone – but I digress … )

    Anonymous: s**t happens

    You’re spot on – bouncing back it the key. It’s all about maintaining perspective.

  3. Like my wisdom filled granddad says “You can’t and won’t have it all ways”…learn it take in in your stride and march on, later on when you a big big writer, you can just turn to the spammers and have your revenge… Seize the moment!

  4. love your stuff! I’ve often wondered the same thing. why is there always some minor drama here and there? why is it that when one thing goes, something comes to replace it? I concluded that its very human to want drama, action and uncertainty – otherwise we’d get bored. But then you get those times, those few minutes in a said day, that you look up and for those minutes, there are no dramas, its calm and you feel you have everything you need or that you’ve got just enough and everything else will soon follow – and you’re happy. I think it comes down to never forgetting to look up, whereever you happen to be during your week/ month/ yr.

  5. Carpe Diem- seize the day. My philosophy in life. I agree there is always a spanner flying through the air at 100 miles an hour, and usually coming from the direction you least expect. The answer is learning how to catch and failing that, learning how to duck!

  6. It’s all part of the balance, isn’t it? And when things go bad and we just have to go through whatever that is, I always tell my best friend, “Think of it as investing in good karma!” Carpe Diem indeed!

  7. This post asks a question that I’ve asked myself so many times. I believe it’s a combination of Murphy’s Law, self-sabotage, and just plain old life happens. We often try to control things and yet Life takes us in an opposite direction. However, I’ve found the same with positive as with negative things. Just when I’m down and out and at the end of my rope, something good always happens.

  8. Nothing is ever 100% perfect. Which is why, I believe, there is always a little something that bugs us. In short, that’s what life is about…as for songs, my daughter’s favourite is “the edge of glory”, of Lady Gaga. Maybe you’re in the edge of glory!

  9. Sometime, things just happen. On the other hand, we do have control as to whether we allow somebody’s BS to affect us. Life your life, feel your life, but don’t let anyone take your power! ❤

  10. For me, it’s about knowing what you can change and what you can’t. I try not to waste energy on those spanners that I can do nothing about, then make a decision about whether I choose to change the things I can change. So much energy gets wasted on the stuff we can’t change…I’m getting too old for that now…

  11. Hello Janine –

    Well I am so offended at how you seem subtly mock my best friend and long-life companion, Senor Murphy. LOL. We are old pals!

    I’ve often wondered if I attract all the bizarre events and happenings that Mr. Murphy likes to throw my way. I believe that answer is somewhere in the upper two-thirds of that spectrum. I do believe I bring on a majority of the calamity that life has offered me. Sometimes it’s because I am not always doing what I’m supposed to be doing and other times I think it’s just that “Charlie, you ain’t very smart are you?”! I will say this Janine. There are times when things have gone wrong and that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I wonder if all in life is merely a perception. How do we see it? Great kick-off post. 🙂

    • Ah you know Senor Murphy – how lovely! He certainly gets around…
      And I agree with the whole ‘blessing in disguise’ thing. I’m realising that this week…sometimes you need to go through those hard times in order to come out the other side wiser.

  12. Ha ha, it’s just life having a little laugh at our expense. It’s all about change, and if we didn’t have change we’d be bored. Hm, maybe it is Murphy’s law, or Sod’s law- I like Sod’s law too.
    Josie x

  13. While I don’t believe in that whole “law of attraction” thing, I think there is something to it. So I try to expect good things. Pleasant adventures, if things can’t always go smoothly. Doesn’t always work, obviously – but it does seem, when it doesn’t work, that I’ve somehow let down my guard. Gotten tired. Forgot to think the happy thoughts–slipped into the negative, pessimistic thoughts. I’ve had some really horrible things happen in the last six months, but with the right attitude and a sense of humor, I’ve found the good in just about all of it and kept from diving into a pit of negativity.

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