The Crazy Old Goat Lady, the Dark Looming Man and the Abyss

Irish Goat

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I can’t remember a lot of my childhood, which really worries me at times. I wish I could, but many of the memories just aren’t there, and haven’t been for years. I do sometimes have random dreams that seem crazy…that couldn’t possibly be real, but are so vivid!

One of these is of a crazy old goat lady who lives on the salt flats in the middle of nowhere. This in fact is true – as was confirmed by my Mum a few weeks back. Yes, there was a crazy old lady who lived on the salt marshes out by where we lived when I was little, and yes – she ‘collected’ goats (or perhaps the goats collected her). This was where the big goat antlers came from, of which I recall hung off of the beams of our back patio for what seemed like an eternity. Don’t ask me why. All I can say is that we lived in an old gold mining town, and there was a lot of weirdness.

And then there are the recurring dreams of plunging off of a cliff in a car, accompanied by the real and  terrifying fear that overcomes me every time I drive over a bridge or near an incline in real life. This comes from a true story, as was also confirmed by my Mum recently. As it happens, my Dad once took a wrong turn when driving the whole family to my Uncle’s place one night, somewhere on the outskirts of the mining town we lived in…luckily for us he managed to stop the car just in time for the head lights to vanish off into nothingness at the edge of an abyss.

And then there’s the recurring dreams of a man menacingly standing over me when I’m in bed at night. This used to haunt me, especially after I had moved out of home into a place by myself. I used to wake up and see a dark, looming shadow hovering over me. This freaked me out so much so that I started putting something behind my door so that I would at least hear someone coming, and if I did, then they would get it with the baseball bat by the side of my bed. Unfortunately, this memory is also true – as uncovered when talking to my Mum and sister one day. As it turns out, Mum’s ex-boyfriend used to sneak into both of our rooms and steal money from our bedside drawers. At least I now know that I wasn’t crazily ‘loosing’ money, and I also know that it wasn’t anything worse than that. Thankfully, Mum kicked him to the curb where he deserved a long time ago.

Reading back on what I have just written it all seems kinda freaky doesn’t it? I think there’s a story in this…

12 thoughts on “The Crazy Old Goat Lady, the Dark Looming Man and the Abyss

    • Yes I did wonder there for a while…what with the dreams and all! But then I found out my sister was having the same ones but that he was stealing money or he’d been caught in the act of stealing…something like that. Just wait till I tell you what he was stashing in the roof!

  1. O.K. now I am freaked out as well! I feel for you trying to put pieces of dreams together, especially from childhood. I fortunately really remember quite a bit, maybe too much, as my brothers think that I make things up from those memories of back then, especially when I remind them of the stupid things they did.

  2. These are all weird or scary stories. No wonder they stand out in your memories. When you say you have few memories of your childhood, are you referring to under 6-7? Memories from that period often tend to get blurred unless something unusual happened – as in these cases. And yes, I’d say you have some interesting stories in potential there.

  3. Janine, If these are all the memories you have when you were 11 or under, (or do you have other, less weird ones?), then I think there’s a lot more to them than just interesting stories. Especially that guy sneaking in at night and stealing money. That can be terrifying for a child as can be almost going over a cliff or a crazy old lady.

  4. Interludes of the past and so many many years gone by. Some times to forget, sometimes to remember and reflect and smile upon. So many times we have all shared and so many travelled alone. We all have different memories to recall of certain places and times throughout our lives.
    Your story of the dark night on the open dirt road taken to almost “nowhere”. So true it was and a dark night, on a so called “short cut”. Stretches of unfenced open cut mines surrounded by slime dumps with gaping abyss’s, it was a night, not to be travelling on that path. It was actually me that was driving our vehicle that night under the guided instructions of your Dad whom thought he knew the road well. The only lightning on the stretch of road was the ligting of a distant mine shaft which lay deceiving streaks of light unto an unfamiliar drivers eyes and not to be taken as a guide light. My advise this region is not to be trekked out of daylight hours. My instinct of protection kicked in and thankyou to the guardian angel whom was on our side that night , the uncertainty that I felt of what lay ahead the feeling that something was wrong as I breaked to stop, we stared at the dark abyss that was right in front of us. The moral of the story “Short Cuts” are not always the best path to be taken. This one wasnt but luckily we all live to tell the tale Lots of Love Mum xxx

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