What Makes You Feel REALLY Happy

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What makes you feel really happy? You know, when you just can’t contain that smile. When the cackle escapes your mouth, but you don’t realise it until after it’s out and realise how loud it was.

Here’s some of the things that make me REALLY happy:

  • Walking in the door after work and seeing my dog bounding towards me. This makes me smile, without fail.
  • Seeing my Mum happy.
  • Good morning kisses from my dog.
  • Going to the movies. There is just something about seeing a film on the big screen, accompanied by popcorn, a coke and a good friend (although I have enjoyed the movies by myself, and it can be just as good!).
  • Seeing my man content and happy. He’s a stress-head like me, so it’s great to see him when he is relaxed and himself…notably when he is drawing.
  • Blogging. It really does. The experience, the exploration, the people I’ve met and the opportunities it has created.
  • Cartoons, my favourite being ‘Monsters Inc.‘ and ‘How to Train a Dragon‘…so much so that I want a dragon just like the one in the toon : )
  • Listening to music I listened to in my teenage years. 
  • An evening out to dinner with friends. Thank you to Lynette whom accompanied me to dinner during the week to a restaurant called Bistro Felix, Subiaco. Lovely. Shame about the shell left in her Morton Bay bugs…
  • My nieces, of course. Hugs, kisses, smiles. 
  • Chilling with my family.
What makes you happy? Share with us – you never know who you might make smile!

16 thoughts on “What Makes You Feel REALLY Happy

  1. I definitely agree with the music one. I love listening to music that I listened to as a teenager, when the only concern I had was what outfit I would wear to the party (which was very important to me). Or listening to songs that had helped me when I felt low, always brings a smile to my face. To listen and know just how far I have really come.

    Great post!

  2. Music, definitely. Finishing a great book and feeling that it was worth the time invested. The videos of kittens, puppies being kittens and puppies; oh and babies. laughing. Thunderstorms, any type, but really intense ones. These are just some of my favorite things…… 🙂

  3. Music has had relieving effects on me; so though it doesn’t make me totally happy and laughing out loud; it does make me feel relief. What makes me smily, giggly happy is friends – my best friends live away now so meeting them brings loads of joy; also nephew and niece – they live abroad, so meeting them is such a joy; siblings; movies; a good book; good food; a vacation (I rarely go on one though 😦 ). Many things actually; loads of things make me happy!

    Thanks for such an engaging post; loads of people are gonna feel happy just thinking about it!

  4. watching a movie with close friends, relatives, siblings
    exploring nature
    listening to music
    engaging in fun sports
    doing something different for the first time
    in achieving my goals
    long chat with my mom
    talking with friends who have a great sense of humor
    watching my pet

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