Monday Photo-day: A Tourist in Your Own Town

Since I’ve settled down a little in life (well – I’m not travelling overseas as much these days since I brought the house and became all content with my dog and my man) I’ve tried to look for ways to ‘live’ my life locally.

My Mum has embraced this opportunity, especially since our Mothers Day jaunt a few weeks back. Yesterday, we met up in town called Fremantle for my Mum’s birthday.

View from the Round House

Fremantle has always been one of my favourite suburbs in Perth. It is historic, quirky, foody, and hippy-ish. I spent a lot of time there whilst I was studying film at Uni.

Fremantle was founded in 1829 and is located on the edge of the Indian Ocean. It has beautiful ocean and river beaches, a vibrant cafe and restaurant scene, and an eclectic choice of shops and markets. It also has some amazing history, of which I ashamedly wasn’t overly knowledgable about until yesterday when my Mum decided to take me around Fremantle to see some sights, to get a story and to take some pics for this post.

The Round House

The Round House is the oldest public building in Western Australia – the state where I live. The Round House ‘opened in January 1831, just 18 months after settlement (of Western Australia), it was built to hold any person convicted of a crime in the settlement and was used until 1886′. 

The Round House

‘After it ceased being used as a gaol it became a Police Lock-up until the late 1890’s and then was used as accommodation for the Water Police, and afterwards as a storage facility for Fremantle Ports. When threatened with demolition in the 1920’s it was saved and later control went to the State Government before it was deeded to the City of Fremantle‘.

Mum was 'convicted' and put in the stocks

Unfortunately for Mum things didn’t end well, as she ended up in the stocks thanks to her love for pigs (she’s always wanted a pet pig):


10 thoughts on “Monday Photo-day: A Tourist in Your Own Town

  1. what a beautiful photo of the sea…I am learning more about Australia every day and enjoyed reading about this historic building…it reminds me of a pub in Niagara Falls, Canada we stopped at a few years ago for a meal…had been there since Revolutionary times…I loved it…
    thanks the pic of your mum too 😀
    ~cath xo

    • Hehe thanks Cath – I’m glad I can share some knowledge! I’m quite enjoying this. Hope you are well! My Mum approved of the photo (which is good since I’ve posted it very publicly!! She’s loving the fame’ hehe).

    • hehehe funny thing is it was one of the volunteers (she was maybe 60-ish) who was more than willing (actually offered) to lock Mum up! She even offered to hold Mum’s hair out of her face for the photo. It was so funny!

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