Reflections on life


Even though I’m not completely happy at this moment of time in my life and in what I am currently doing, I do not regret anything I have done, or am doing. After all, the journey is never dull and it certainly does provide me with the inspiration to write!

As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more. 

Jules Renard


2 thoughts on “Reflections on life

  1. When I am not happy about my life, I try to change it. No big bang change usually, just one small step at a time. Take care, and take it easy!

  2. As long as your work provides you with the inspiration to write, that’s all that matters. However, life is much too short to put up with jobs or situations like the one you seem to be in. It reminds me of a position I held in London years ago, during which time I wrote reams of poetry but wasted a full year of my life in a job that led nowhere. I ended up quitting and typing scripts at the BBC part-time while I wrote a book and then traveling around Europe. My lifestyle status may have gone down with my income but what I gained in its place was priceless. When I returned to the professional world a couple of years later, I got an even better job, much higher paid and well on track to a lifelong career.
    BTW. I finished that book 30 years later after I retired, and hope to see it published.

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