Things I wont be rushing out to do in a hurry…again

Hindsight is a beautiful thing…especially the second time round.

Here’s some things I won’t be rushing out to do again (here’s hoping):

  • Leaving the radiator cap off of the car radiator. I successfully did this not once, but twice – in the same car. My first car was a good old metallic blue 1977 V6 Ford Cortina Sedan. It had grunt – it sounded like a V8 thanks to extractors that had been fitted to the exhaust by the previous boy owner! The car also had lots of rust, but it thankfully survived the forgetfulness of it’s owner. Unfortunately the car fell apart as I was driving down the freeway, with the back axle snapping in half, the back tyres rolling down the freeway by themselves ahead of the car, and the car bursting into the flames. It was a shame really – I loved that car!
  • Shaving my arms. From recollection, I did this as a kid as I had developed this insane belief that my arms were hairy. I didn’t realise that by doing that, my arms would end up a whole lot more hairier. Darn it!
  • Watch a film called ‘Wolf Creek‘. My good friend Carly and I went to see this Aussie Horror movie on the big screen when it was released in 2005, doing our bit to support local film and all – and it was meant to be awesome! Up to that point in time, my preferred genre of film was horror/thriller. Thankfully ‘Wolf Creek’ cured me of that affliction, as well as the desire to ever go backpacking in the Aussie outback (especially when I heard my Mum’s partner say that there really are creepy people ‘out there’ like that – no sir-ee).
  • Travelling to a city called Andorra la Vella. Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra, which is a small landlocked country in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered by Spain and France. It sounds so magical doesn’t it? I should have known better, especially since the people I was travelling with referred to it as Ibiza in the snow. If you want a load of drunken Brits, average accommodation, shops full of duty free alcohol, perfume, electronics and knives (???)…more drunken Brits and sleaze, you are welcome to it. I for one could not wait to get out of there.
  • Trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. If we aren’t a stick, then why DO we traumatise ourselves so?

    Skinny jeans - such a squeeze

Enough said.

17 thoughts on “Things I wont be rushing out to do in a hurry…again

  1. Nean! How was that guy in the audience!! “I’m never watching PlaySchool again!!!!!”….. Direct segue into creepy film sessions… remember when we saw 1408, at the outdoor cinema, under the full moon, with all that mist and the eerie creepy chill…. *shivers*

    • Hehehe I forgot he was in Play School. I can’t get past Wolf Creek now and the way he laughed…creepy! Ah 1408 – that was def eerie. Just imagine if there had been the sound of wolves howling in the background or something!

  2. Lol! I didn’t know you had had such an experience in Andorra…as for shaving your arms, what happened to you? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? As for me, I wouldn’t have gone to Tioman island as there was a tropical storm and we ended up stranded in Johor Bahru (Malaysia ). The roof was leaking, not much too eat and some chicken escaped from their cage…

    • Yes – Andorra was not pleasant. I think I got ill also. Possibly tarnished the experience (plus the boy I was in love with turned all evil on the trip). Your trip to Tioman island sounds interesting. Whats this about a chicken escaping? Do tell me more!

  3. Oh God, I had so much fun reading this post…makes me wanna come up with a list of my own! The jeans thing is so true..I wonder, why DO we traumatize ourselves! 😦

    • I’m glad! Do make your own – I’d love to read your : ) Jeans – I swear I used to get into skinny jeans but the jeans these days have given a new meaning to ‘skinny jeans’.

  4. hey girls it’s not the laying down to get them zipped that is the hard part…it’s the getting up and trying to breath that kills me…I just refuse to do it anymore, and I always knew when I had to go horizontal to get the pants zipped, it was time to get vertical and exercise…

    loved this post Janine…I especially liked the mental image of the car falling to pieces…my hub and I had a similar experience with a 62 white Chevy Supersport…man that thing was gorgeous with red leather upholstery…he inherited it from his sister and BIL, rebuilt the engine, which was running fine the day the car caught on fire under the dash right above my feet…Steve was driving, calmly leaned over and reached under the dash and ripped out the wires that had caught on fire with his bare hands (oh these southern boys have talents you just can’t even imagine!)…

    thanks so much for the laugh…I needed it tonight…work was stressful this week (I hate starting something new)….
    happy weekend and hugs…

  5. Hey Janine,
    Well, maybe I’m a little older than you but I spent a large part of the 80’s getting my jeans on that way. If you didn’t have to lie on the bed and occasionally use a coathanger to coax the zip up then you just weren’t cool enough to wear jeans. . . . Course, being older now I totally agree and will not go there twice in one lifetime, no skinny jeans for me!
    BTW, do you mind if i “steal” this idea for my blog at some point?
    Love the car story too!
    Josie x

    • Go for it Josie. Let me know when you write yours, in case I miss it.
      Hehehe I never tried the coat hanger but do recall lying on the bed trying to get the zipper up.

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