Goodbye Project Management

I was asked last week why I was no longer a Project Manager. Interesting question, one of which I have given a lot of thought.

I quit being a Project Manager in 2009. I’d just been awarded a top award in Project Management, and had a wealth of opportunities ahead of me. It was a big decision, one that I did not take lightly. And when I finally bit the bullet and handed in that letter, I was met with some confusion, some understanding and a whole lot of gossip and innuendo as to why I was leaving, and how dare I, since I had just been given an award? I mean, I needed to stay and give even more – right?

The fact of the matter is that I was exhausted. Being a Project Manager is hard work, and comes with a lot of stress and sleepless nights – especially if you care about your job, your clients and your projects. Sure, I could have tried to NOT care, as I’ve seen quite a few Project Managers do – but then again, I don’t know how they slept at night with the mess that was often left behind them.

That is one of the reasons I quit. The other – well. That’s a long story for another time. All I am going to say is that the sudden death of a colleague, who virtually dropped dead from what I perceive as the stress from one of the projects we were working on, had provided me with a wake up call. And so I walked. No career was worth that sacrifice.

So, I’m now working in the field of Project Governance, of which I kind of fell into as a sideward move away from being a Project Manager. I now deal with other Project Managers and their projects. I think I may be a sucker for punishment.


Monday Photo-day: Pets

One of my favourite subject matters – in both writing and photography – is my dog, Kahlua. She has been a little god-send to me, and I love her to bits. 

I have heard it said before that you should never work with animals or children, but I’d like to challenge that as some of the most beautiful photos I have are of both animals and kids.

Here is my homage to Kahlua, my 10 year old Maltese-Shihtzu.

My dog Kahlua

Kahlua with Attitude

Road Trip - Loving the wind in my hair

Doing what we love best...snoozing

What Makes You Feel REALLY Happy

Happy pose I

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What makes you feel really happy? You know, when you just can’t contain that smile. When the cackle escapes your mouth, but you don’t realise it until after it’s out and realise how loud it was.

Here’s some of the things that make me REALLY happy:

  • Walking in the door after work and seeing my dog bounding towards me. This makes me smile, without fail.
  • Seeing my Mum happy.
  • Good morning kisses from my dog.
  • Going to the movies. There is just something about seeing a film on the big screen, accompanied by popcorn, a coke and a good friend (although I have enjoyed the movies by myself, and it can be just as good!).
  • Seeing my man content and happy. He’s a stress-head like me, so it’s great to see him when he is relaxed and himself…notably when he is drawing.
  • Blogging. It really does. The experience, the exploration, the people I’ve met and the opportunities it has created.
  • Cartoons, my favourite being ‘Monsters Inc.‘ and ‘How to Train a Dragon‘…so much so that I want a dragon just like the one in the toon : )
  • Listening to music I listened to in my teenage years. 
  • An evening out to dinner with friends. Thank you to Lynette whom accompanied me to dinner during the week to a restaurant called Bistro Felix, Subiaco. Lovely. Shame about the shell left in her Morton Bay bugs…
  • My nieces, of course. Hugs, kisses, smiles. 
  • Chilling with my family.
What makes you happy? Share with us – you never know who you might make smile!

A Note from the Author

My apologies for my erratic posting of late. A combination of work, life and being run down has taken it’s toll.

I just wanted to let you know that I will be endeavouring to post at least twice a week from now on – and more if I can.

I hope you can bare with me as I try to regain balance in my life, as you and this blog are important to me.