Monday Photo-day: iPhone Photo Apps

This is my favourite photo. This is my niece Charlotte, and I adore her.

I can’t take the credit for taking the photo – that belongs to my partner Denis. He captured her innocence and beauty perfectly.

I thought this photo would make a beautiful pencil sketch, and I tried to convince my partner to draw something from the actual photo (as he is an amazing drawer), but in the meantime I tried converting it to a pencil sketch using a free App on my iPhone called PhotoFunia. I think it looks stunning.

Experimenting with iPhone Apps


5 thoughts on “Monday Photo-day: iPhone Photo Apps

    • Thanks Thom. Just quickly read your post and I want to read all of those blogs you awarded. I love the 10 things about you. Wow! I will comment on your blog later as I need to fulfill my partner duties and go watch my partner get pummeled (literally as they got in a fight with the same team a few weeks ago) in soccer.

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