The whole of life is but a moment of time.

Cirque du Soleil

Image by shadowbrush via Flickr

It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it. Plutarch

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and this morning I woke up with a bee in my bonnet.

I think it was spawned by how absolutely knackered I was last night as a result of a hellish 4 day week at work oh which climaxed with yet another confrontation on Thursday afternoon (sorry – make that 2).

Denis and I had tickets to Cirque du Soleil last night. I have wanted to go for years, and finally the night was upon us, but on the way there I sat in the car zombie-fied, my eyes feeling as if they were popping out of my head and my mind struggling to get the thoughts of work out of my head. This continued as I sat there waiting for ‘Saltimbanco‘ to start, which was when I decided that I had had enough. As a human being – a person – I am not meant to feel like this, and it is not healthy to go every day at work walking on egg shells and battling monsterous projects and project managers all in the name of ‘Governance’.

So this morning I woke up and posted on my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles that I was going to start my own business and follow my heart into writing. I didn’t actually expect any reactions, but already I’ve had 3 designers offer their services in branding, et al and support, advise and questions in an effort to help me clarify what it is that I want to do.

It is still vague. I do know that it involves writing, a second blog, ebooks (and books!), offering my skills as a writer, and advise as a blogger and social media guru-swami (hehe kinda). It will also harness my life experiences including depression, anxiety, stress, changing directions, and following your heart. I want to help people – of which I am apparently doing via this blog. Thanks to some incredibly special readers, now friends, they have given me this serious boost in confidence – I believe that I can do this…whatever it is, and I am thankful to have all of you behind me.

If you have any words of wisdom please feel free to share. This is a biggy for me to say but – I need help : ) Thank you.

P.S. Cirque du Soleil was amazing!


15 thoughts on “The whole of life is but a moment of time.

  1. Janine: risks like this are always worth taking. You don’t want to be a older version of yourself and wonder “what if.” The fact you already got so much support is a great indicator. I was like you, in a job I hated for 15 years. Chucked it, started my own theater company, and it was the best thing I could have ever done. DO IT.
    And…best of luck!

  2. As we yanks are prone to say, “You go, girl!” – a most trite but sincere expression. Congratulations on your decision and good luck. I know you will be successful in this endeavor. I love it when people take control of their destinies.

  3. There’s a risk in doing and a risk in not doing. The first trick is to find a slightly different take. You have stated you are a project manager. That should be the topic for your writing. And, you can include why some project management teams get thwarted by corporate decisions. That should be the Janine wrinkle.

  4. I admire you for making such a decision. I wish you all the best! I am actually toying with the idea of doing something similar…keep us posted. Muriel

  5. As someone commented, this is a biggy, but it may be a good move. However, make sure that you know what you’re getting into. Do the research and find out what you’ll have to invest in time and as a learning experience, and how others have done starting up similar businesses, etc. You’ve hated this job since Day 1, and shared many of your problems/troubles/irritations, etc. with your readers so I can see your motivation to get out and start up on your own doing something you love. Just make sure first that “something you love doing” doesn’t turn into one big headache because you didn’t take all the right steps to start off. Believe me, I speak from experience having made enormous mistakes when I started my own business.

    • Not to worry Penelope. As much as I say I’ll do it I’m always cautious and I can’t just leave my job to go out on a limb – I’m def going to exhaust all resources investigating options etc. It’s a major break through in my thinking though, as before I wasnt taking the thought seriously or believing in myself. Now I am. That’s huge!

  6. I have read and agree with many of the comments Janine. I started and ran my business for 15 years before deciding on a change of career, and have had many twists and turns along the way. In business again, this time with my sister, and much wiser than I was before.

    Let me just add one little comment from my own experience. Don’t let the reality of the work it will take you to turn your dreams into a reality, take your happiness. To succeed at anything, you must never lose the joie de vivre.

    I wish you much luck.
    Keep your eyes on the prize,
    and reach for the skies!

  7. I am at a pretty messed up stage myself so I won’t be giving out any wisdom…but all I can say is that tread carefully, you are good at what you do, and there is a beautiful opportunity waiting for you…it is just how you make the most of it. I admire your courage and wish you the best of all!

  8. OMG! I can’t believe it!! AMAZING! I also can’t believe that I missed your social media announcement. Sorry about that! I’m no expert, but I’d be happy to send you my writing resume or help you work on yours or… or… or… anything! =) Ask me anything, anytime! =)

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