And the final 5 are – A follow up from yesterday

As you may know, the wonderful MuMuGB (Muriel Jacques) bestowed me with the Kreativ Blogger award a few days ago (do check out her brilliant blog called ‘40BlogSpot‘, about a French Mummy living in London).

Of course, there were conditions that came with the award:

  • I needed to pass on the Kreativ Blog Award to 10 bloggers and notify them; and
  • I needed to tell you all 10 things about me that you don’t already know.
I posted my 1st 5 yesterday in order to pace myself (and a lot of thought was required!!). So, as promised, here are the remaining 5 who I bless with the Kreativ Blogger award:
  • Penelope – Dont Hang Up. I love reading the snippets from the reinvention of her life to her upcoming book ‘Don’t Hang Up’ (to be published in 2011).
  • Marisa Wikramanayake – freelance journalist, editor and writer. Marisa, aka My Mentor, covers photography, writing books, science and more on her site! I must pay credit to Marisa as she is the instigator of this blog, and the catalyst for me starting to write again.
  • I can’t not nominate my dear blogging friend Hajra – Hajra Kvetches. I feel like we have embarked on this blogging journey together, although we have never met.  Hajra’s posts are quirky, colourful, comical, insightful AND she has just joined me on the exploration of photography via our blogs (pressures on now Hajra!!).
  • Jin – Jin Jin’s Adventures. Okay, I’m no girly girl, but I met Jin a few months back and was gobsmacked by her art which is on finger nails! Yes – nail art! Seriously – check out her blog for some awesome displays of creativity.

And now for the next 5 things you might not know about moi:

  1. Apparently my lap top has become an extension of my arms. Good thing Denis just got an x-box…that seems to have become an extension of his! Touche Denis!
  2. My favourite genre of book: suspense/mystery. This stretches back to when I used to read my Mum’s Agatha Christie novels when I was a young-un.
  3. I love ‘sparkling wine‘ way too much (it’s not Champagne as it can only be called Champagne when it is from Champagne). Here in Oz we call it ‘Champers’. Us Aussies really know how to make something sound classy…not.
  4. My favourite all time rock concert is a toss up between Metallica and Pearl Jam. I’m a rock chick at heart, although I it has softened in my old age.
  5. I’ve had to start dyeing my hair as I can no longer hide the white hairs due to my super-fast growing hair. It’s still red – just a bit darker to try and hide the whites for longer…

13 thoughts on “And the final 5 are – A follow up from yesterday

  1. I can never thank you enough! The blogging journey has been so enjoyable and I get to learn so much from you. Also, I have met some amazing bloggers through your blog and you were the one who invited me to the TLC club! Thanks so much, I had an awful day today and this kinda brightened it up!

  2. Thanks so much for including me/my blog as one of the remaining 5 who you bless with the Kreativ Blogger award. This really helped pick up my spirits about blogging as I’m going through a slow down period (which I gather is not unusual for bloggers) mainly due to all the recent disruptions in my life.

    • Your welcome Penelope. I’m glad it helped. If you ever need to ‘talk’ or bounce ideas feel free to email me. The slow down period is def normal. I’ve ramped up at the moment foresee May as slowing down again. Take care – hope you are ok.

  3. Ah…I missed your last blog, that’s why I wasn’t sure what you were talking about with the next five. Glad to know you did think of me. Congrats again on the award. I just subscribed by email so I won’t miss out again.

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