The Highlight of My Day!

The wonderful MuMuGB has bestowed me with the Kreativ Blogger award (do check out her brilliant blog called ‘40BlogSpot‘, about a French Mummy living in London). I feel truly blessed – especially since I’ve had such a crap day!

I mean, it was Monday after all and I had the pleasure of having to sit a 2 1/2 hour exam this morning ewww. To top that off, as I was doing my hair I realised that I had run out of my anti-depressants so I left the house a little early to go to the chemist before the exam started to get my prescription filled (you see if I take my pill a few hours late my head goes all funny and I feel dizzy and woozy). It was then – 40 minutes from where I live – that I realised that I had forgotten my purse, that I had no money on me, and that my car was running on empty. If that wasn’t enough, I found out that I had to show ID to sit the exam…joy! Lucky for me my knight in shining armour came to my rescue in his white Honda Accord AND he wasn’t angry. Love that man of mine!

Anyway, back to the award! Yay – gotta love awards! Especially one for creativity. That means I’m creative! Awesome stuff since I was so stuck on the creativity front last year and thought I’d never find it again!

Of course, there are conditions that come with the award:

  • I need to pass on the Kreative Blog Award to 10 bloggers and notify them; and
  • I need to tell you all 10 things about me that you don’t already know.
Now the 1st bit is hard – who to choose? What I’m going to do is choose 5 bloggers today, and then another 5 later in the week (mostly because I think I have to send myself to bed soon), so here goes it!
  • Thom BrownTo Gyre and Gambol: Reflections on Life, Limpidity and Perches for Happiness. Apart from the wisdom and funnies that Thom shares, he also dedicates a post a week to a photo of a tree…the one tree, in which he takes a photo of almost every day. Check it out…brilliant concept, and beautiful to watch the tree as the seasons pass.
  • Lynn MacDonald – All Fooked Up: not for the light-hearted or easily offended, but fricken funny (which I will classify as creative too)! I especially love her article about her recent inheritance windfall – wickedly funny.
  • ArtMuseDog and Carol – so much art, poetry, inspiration…and dogs (me loves the babies).
And now for the second bit – again I’ll list 5 now, and 5 later in the week. So – 5 things about me you might not know are:
  1. My favourite all time film is Amelie – it’s a French film and I adore Amelie for the quirkiness, the use of colour, the French-ness, Audrey Tautou – everything about the film, to me, is perfect. The film is a reminder about appreciating the richness and beauty in the small things in life.
  2. I’ve battled for years with a phobia of water. I don’t believe that I could swim to save myself. I blame this on almost drowning 3 times…but I think I was scared of water before that happened.
  3. I once fell in love with an English lad whilst working at a pub in Bristol. It all ended badly, and he broke my heart by turning into a beast. The writer in me is grateful to him for showing me that I could feel every kind of emotion…love, anger, listlessness, love-sickness, sadness, hatred. Until then I had never really known anything like that.
  4. My favourite course at university was Anthropology. I actually didn’t know what it was when I enrolled in it. It opened my eyes to an entirely different world to the one I had grown up in.
  5. I love potato crisps and hot chips way too much, so much so that I have invoked a ban on bringing potato crisps into the house – of which my partner ignores, to my detriment.
Stay tuned for the next installment later in the week!

18 thoughts on “The Highlight of My Day!

  1. This was a pleasant surprise! Thanks. Now I’ll have to give some thought to my 10 and 10. †he first 5 probably won’t surface until next Monday. Thanks again.

    And sorry for the yucky Monday. I just finished my second and last lecture of the day (on responsible assertion) a few minutes ago. Time for some lunch. So far though it’s been much better than your Monday.

  2. I just adore reading your blog! Your command of the language is so unique. I guess it’s the way you say “woozy,” or “chemist,” or anything else that we don’t use here in the southern United States!

    Congrats on your award. You have an outstanding blog! Heading out now to check out the ones you’ve recommended 🙂


    • Why thank you Martha! That’s so lovely. I never actually thought about my use of language – although now I think about it when I lived in England the English always tried to correct my choice of ‘words’ meh!

  3. Janine, you are the sweetest! Congratulations on your award and thank you for including me among such fine company! I already reveal a lot about myself on my blog, so if I tell any more right now, you all will know more about me than my gynecologist does! But I will shout you out on my blog in the very near future. I loved anthropology too, learning about different world views. Keep writing, Janine, you were born for it! ❤

  4. Hi! thanks for following me on twitter. 🙂 Yesterday, I also came across someone’s profile who said Amelie is a very good film to watch. Now you said it too…. Hmmm… I’m intrigued now. That should be the next DVD I’d look for in eBay. 😀

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  6. Janine ~ Now I see the award ~ better way to handle it than I did ~ Spread it out ~ will see if I can not do this ~ this time ~ thanks so much ~ I am honored ^_^

  7. I am so sorry I missed this yesterday…was too busy basking in the glory of getting mine today!
    Congratulations to you…you deserve every inch of it…
    Can we nominate you again? I feel awful on not nominating you because of the fact that I am getting it from you? And to think of it, you remain my favorite blogger..irony?

    • hehehe don’t pressure me to choose another 10 it was hard! Do you know how touching and uplifting it is with you saying I’m your fave blogger. You have boosted me so much that I’m investigating going out on my own and following my heart this weekend as I just cannot take my job much longer!

      • You know what… I will just mention you! I have to…you can do the award no. 2 post whenever you are feeling low! Keep it safe for a rainy day!

  8. Janine, Congrats on the Kreativ Blogger award. I loved your hilarious account of your crap day before your knight (at least you have one) came to your rescue. Just got very behind with my emails (lots of work this weekend) and I’ll check out the various blogs you mentioned here. The one about the mummy in Paris sounds extraordinary.

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