Do I hear a clock ticking?

I became an Aunty for the second time last weekend. Emily Ripper was born the Saturday night of May 9, and she is beautiful. I went to visit Mum and daughter the day after the birth, and they were both doing well after the trauma that is childbirth.

Whilst at the hospital, the newly anointed ‘sister’ arrived for a visit – Charlotte, now 2 and a half, with Dad in tow. Dad was as proud as punch, and little Charlotte was very gentle. It was touching to see her staring at the new little baby, kissing it gently on the head and softly hugging it, whilst whispering ‘sister’ and ‘beautiful’ (the later due to my prompting : ) ).

I can’t post photos of my nieces up here, although I would so love to show them off as I adore them. The family request I refrain, as you just never know who will be looking at the pics – the world we inhabit today : (

Needless to say, I am basking in my new-ish role of Aunty extraordinaire, and only wish that I lived closer so that I could see them all the time. In consideration of the fact that I may never have any children of my own, and I do believe that I feel sometime ticking…it might help (or it could in fact make the ticking worse!!).

7 thoughts on “Do I hear a clock ticking?

  1. Hi hun,

    I think you would be a great mother if you decided to have a child. You have the kindness and empthy to be a caring mother.

  2. Oh yes… that dreadful sister had her first kid when she was 24…and now at 25 I am so worried (already!) single, not ready to commit, makes me wonder whether these are some choices we make ourselves and will I regret it dreadfully later? Well, for the time being I am happy being aunt, it is just the best…
    But Never say Never!

    Congratulations once again to the proud parents, little sister and the whole family! May Emily have the brightest, most beautiful, happy and healthy life to look forward to!

    • You have plenty of time Hajra! I didn’t meet Denis will I was 27 (now I’m 33 eek!). Sometimes I do think I would have preferred to have been a younger mum, but I wanted to travel etc and I know I would have regretted not having done that and possibly become a bit bitter. The world works in mysterious ways. Your time will come – but you probably hear that a lot hey! I know I used to when I was single – eek. I’ve become one of those preachy coupled persons…

  3. Hi Janine,
    Congratulations on becoming an aunty again!!
    And isn’t it sad that people feel uncomfortable about showing pictures on children on the ‘net – what a world this has become!

    I’ve been blogging a little about my 12-yr-old nephew who built his own bike & is cycling over a mountain pass in South Africa as we speak, to raise money for his school (cool, huh!) and wondered about putting up pics – but then my sister said of course I should as the post without them wouldn’t make sense 🙂

    And here’s to you being a wonderful mum when the time is right 🙂


  4. Janine, congratulations! I am glad that the mother and Emily are doing so well. As for you, nothing happens as planned anyway, so I wouldn’t worry!

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