There is more to life than increasing its speed – Mahatma Gandhi

WARNING: Express Trains

Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

Sometimes I feel like I’m on this really fast train heading somewhere. I don’t know where. All I do know is that the train is getting faster and faster and that I’m struggling to take everything in that is whizzing past my eyes.

Every now and then the conductor comes by and offers me a ticket to ride on another train. Why not take the slower train, the more comfortable train, the fancier train or the express train?

Or why not just get off and walk? That way I could choose my own pace and really think about the direction I want to go.

But that’s when procrastination sets in, which in turn breeds confusion and inaction.

Which is better?

18 thoughts on “There is more to life than increasing its speed – Mahatma Gandhi

  1. @JR, very thoughtful post and great quote from Ghandi. Personally, I’m inclined to movement. Using the analogy of water – I’d rather be a rushing river than a stagnant pond! I’m glad I found your blog!

  2. I loved your question, “why not just get off and walk?”

    For me, the thing that keeps me from procrastination when I’m walking is a written plan. To me, it is important to ‘walk’ consciously through life. I choose the “walk” times.

    For example, this afternoon, I’ll ‘walk’ by sitting on my patio in the sun and doing some “for fun” reading. But right now, I’m doing my work and focusing on what I need to do for the day.

    Great post!

  3. Great question! I think it depends on where you are in your life. Sometimes it’s necessary to be on the fast train and at other times it suits us better to be on the slow one. The secret is KNOWING yourself so you can determine what train is right for you!

  4. I don’t think one is better over the other. My question would be… where is your heart guiding you? I know how it feels to be on a fast train and you have no idea where it will lead you. I know how it feels to procrastinate. Sometimes I feel procrastination is just a sign that you were not going in the write direction and you just need to pause and listen. Listen where your heart is leading you and then hop on that train in whatever pace it is going and enjoy the ride.

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

  5. Hi Janine, I agree that enjoying the journey is important but finding that balance like with everything in life is not easy. It’s not a one-time shot solution. It requires us to constantly maintain this balance instead of falling into the extremes.

  6. Enjoying the journey… or slow.Just have fun all along and make the most of whatever there is.

    Umm… sometimes being lazy also helps 🙂

  7. Been on the express train. Been on the commuter train. Been on the LIRR (the “finest commuter railroad” in the nation that went nowhere.) It’s why I drive my own car now. I zip when I want, I stop when I want, with an occasional request from my fellow passengers (and, thank G0d, less frequently from the speed patrol complaining that the speed of light is not a desireable choice….)

  8. I’ve definitely felt this way lately. Where does the time go? But I think it’s worthwhile choosing different trains once in a while. I know I need the change of pace. =) My partner and I often take ghetto buses to Lima, but this time, we took the fancy schmancy one. For me, it’s about the variety and the variety helps me avoid procrastination and idleness. =)

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  10. Janine, I can certainly relate to the feelings expressed here. These days, I seem to be on an express train that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere important but when the conductor offers me a slower train, I decline because I don’t want to slow down. I have too much to do and too little time so I can’t afford to slow down. But then I think, wouldn’t it be good to get off a moment and enjoy some peace and quiet in a tranquil countryside setting? But it’s too late, and the train is whizzing on with me on it. Maybe I’ll get off next time I get a chance – if it comes again.

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