Becoming like my mother

I recently replied to a comment on a post I wrote (What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger) that I was turning into my mother more and more every day. I got to thinking that it may have be taken in the negative.

I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t! I know most of us cringe at the thought of ‘turning into’ our parents, but I actually don’t mind.

Sure my Mum and I have had our issues, misunderstandings and have not always liked each other. But these days I recognise her for who she is and was – and that is a really cool Mum.

My Mum is beautiful. I pour praise on my Nan for being a beautiful spirit, but the fact is that she succeeded in passing that down to my Mum. Combined with the fact that Mum has had a pretty rough life, she has managed to come through it with youthfulness, a smile and the ability to constantly laugh…or should I say cackle, which is what my sister and I have inherited. I swear, when you get us together, look out! I think it’s awesome, and contagious – but we do tend to get lots of looks! And that’s because we are just so god damn gorgeous!


15 thoughts on “Becoming like my mother

  1. What beautiful three ladies and what a beautiful tribute to your mother! =) It takes a strong woman to come out of tough moments still smiling. I bet you’ve also inherited a lot more of her admirable personality than just her cackle. =)

    Although, now I’m imagining your cackle. =P

  2. You know a few years back, when people told me I was becoming my dad, I used to cringe because I thought it was “uncool” and so not it! I wanted to be myself and then who doesn’t have issues with their parents! But then now, I feel a lot better to be identified as a daddy’s girl and just like daddy!

    This requires such a great amount of clarity of thought. I am so glad you could make me reflect on this too! A wonderful tribute to mothers all over!

  3. Janine,

    Jealous, but not too much. My mom and I are continuously at odds and not sure it will ever improve honestly it doesn’t bother me too much. Of course we do have GREAT days but I can’t spend more than a few hours in her company. Sad I know, but I’m not. Going to make sure it doesn’t happen w/ my kids and me.

    So glad that you, your sister and mom are the best of friends!

  4. Hi Janine, great that you have a wonderful relationship with your mother. As for myself, I am at point where I have less arguments with my mother and accepts her for who is she. We are definitely different and it’s ok. I just need to be more tolerant 🙂

  5. Love the pic! You girls are gorgeous! Isn’t it funny when you catch yourself doing something like your mother! It’s great though! I agree with you!

  6. Like you my mother is beautiful and my grandmother was an amazing woman. There are many qualities of both that I possess but I am first and foremost my own woman and proud of that. I love the differences as well as the similarities

  7. What a nice tribute to your Mom! Yes, I think we all want to think we picked up all our Mom’s great traits and left the not-go-good ones behind. Sounds like you did! I adore my own mother and hope I can stay as young-at-heart as she has. At 89, she can still do circles around us all! LOL

  8. Janine, Lovely photo of three lovely ladies! Love the way you praise your mom and recognize her for being a really cool mom. I could never say the same about my mother. While I’d hate to become like my mother, I admired her fortitude in the face of adversity, her determination to make something of herself late in life, and her open-minded attitude at a time when society was very close-minded and discriminatory. So thanks for making me remember my mother’s good traits.

    • I totally understand Penelope. I have always been blessed to have a young Mum, as she had me when she was 18 – that’s one of the reasons I call her ‘cool’, plus her love for rock music and general craziness we compare to someone like Goldie Hawn on the big screen : )

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