What advise would you give new bloggers?

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This is a blatant request for information so that I can use the (hopeful) variety of responses in some tools I am putting together to help young bloggers in Australia.

In case you don’t know, I’m the Blogging Coordinator for www.emergen.com.au. Emergen is a collaborative community based in Australia aimed at activating emerging young leaders. I got involved with the community mid-last year after posting my first ever blog post on the site. Since then I’ve gone on to start my own blog (this one), have connected with so many wonderful bloggers throughout the world, have started running Blogging for a Cause events, have participated in creating an e-book (soon to be released), and have started putting together some educational tools and training materials as part of my role as the Blogging Coordinator – of which I ‘ve been doing for a few months. It has been a challenging, inspiring, exciting and scary time…and has opened my mind so that I actually have a wealth of ideas – just not enough hours in the day!

So – what I’m asking is this:

What advise would you give to person starting out on their blogging journey? (I’ll ‘quote’ you if I use your words of wisdom!).

And in case you are wondering why I am asking you, it’s because you were all in this place once…because I find so many of you inspiring, and I’d love to use the power of some of your words to in turn help the community of young ones that I want to help.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

16 thoughts on “What advise would you give new bloggers?

  1. Hi Janine>..not sure if I should give advice to anyone on blogging, as I feel I’m still finding my way in all this. Only been blogging since..January. Tentatively at that.

    The only thing: write about what you are passionate about overall, and don’t be afraid to go off track at times.

    My “business” (hate using that word w/the arts & education) allows me more flexibility in that thought, I think, then in more corporate ways. Yet, I think if more people went with a more human, humorous, outside of that box thingy, it would engage a larger audience. or not. Depends on the market? help.

    • Totally agree! I know I’m personally drawn to off centre, quirky, straight from the heart posts that are raw and honest.
      The professional blogs I follow all have an essence or a humaness about them.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to share. Good luck with it!

  2. Hi,
    I’m kind of new at the personal blogging game, but I’d tell young bloggers to write now and worry about a niche later. Putting words on a screen is tough, but getting bogged down with attempting to fit those words into some kind of niche is tougher.

  3. My advice would be to do it for fun, and see where it leads you. It takes time to find the right pitch for your blog and what I enjoy the most is to be able to “meet” and get feedback on my stories…I am still learning anyway!

  4. There is so much I want to say but the first thing would be: do a lot of background check. I just jumped into it and there are many things I still regret. So check out some bloggers, their blogs, what they have to say and get the basics right.

  5. Make sure, before you start blogging, that you choose a topic to blog about that you’re passionate about, so that you always have new topics to discuss. When designing your blog, make sure your mission for the blog is clearly stated in the blog’s title and subtitle, and that the design reflects your personality as well as your topic. Lastly, LOVE the process, because it’s a long road to build a solid platform for yourself, but there is nothing more fulfilling.

  6. I have two suggestions that have helped me:
    1 Read lots of blogs, of all kinds. See what works for other writers, and what doesn’t work. Look at successful blogs with lots of followers, but also read the gems that are just getting started. Look at the layout of the blogs you like. Read blogs about what to do/ not to do in blogging. All this can give you a jumpstart.
    2 Write about what you know. I love romance novels and science fiction with a passion. Could I write about them? NO. But I can write about my thoughts (which are all over the place). I don’t agree that you have to have a “niche” but there has to be a common thread that ties the blog together. In my case, it is my photography.

    Oh and last suggestion, don’t let blog envy make you steer from your course in another direction. Many times I have read blogs and thought “why didn’t I think of that? How brilliant!” Then I realized that my personality and style is what it is. Take it or leave it.

    Great post Janine!
    (@jonesbabie on Twitter)

  7. To add on to Hajra’s point, when you’re doing your research, choose blogs that you really vibe with and start commenting! =) Get involved! Blogging is as much about connecting with others as it is about getting your thoughts out into the world. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your posts fill with comments. By then, you’ve started creating a conversation that can only grow from there! =)

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