That terrifying feeling of contentment!

4th Course: Cheese Course

Image by ulterior epicure via Flickr

I realised something on the weekend that caught me by surprise. I was dusting, sweeping, cleaning – generally catching up with some cleaning…something I really have neglected lately as I’ve been so incredibly busy…when I experienced a moment of contentment. Oh – I had also raked leaves earlier that day, and the day before my partner and I had gone shopping for a dish washer (our first ever!).

But I digress. My moment of surprise came when, as I was cleaning, I thought to myself ‘I think my party days are over.’ And…I was fine with that thought…Woah.

It’s a huge moment for someone who has been known by many to be a ‘party girl’. From my mid-teenage years, I loved a drink, I loved to dance, and I loved to have a good time. That continued on and off (more often on than off) into my early 30’s. The last few years I’ve struggled with the whole buying a house and settling down thing, and have had a few moments of letting loose. When anyone mentioned the word ‘contentment’ to me I was one to scoff in their faces. ‘Content – pah!’ But today, at 33 and a half, I suddenly feel content not to hit the town to dance myself silly and write myself off, only to spend four days recovering.

No – over the last few weeks – especially – I have found myself enjoying such pleasures as whiling away hours in Ikea, putting up blinds with my man, airing out the house, and sitting on the back patio drinking a glass of wine whilst my dog plays with her new toy.

I know it’s partly an age thing, and it’s also partly to do with my new mentality. You could say that I’m ‘maturing’ like a fine wine or a good cheese?

17 thoughts on “That terrifying feeling of contentment!

  1. Ah the clairty that comes with cleaning! Good for you – I’m not a big party fan now either but I was at University. I quite like staying in now and curling up with a good film. Ikea is always fun although building things when you get home isn’t 🙂

  2. Haha! Love it! I’ll always remember how you used to avoid the word “contentment,” and here you are now using it in a post! =)

    When I have moments of change, I always wonder whether it’s maturity and growth or if it’s just a new pattern. It’s like eating instant noodles every day for a year, and then not. Did I grow out of instant noodles or will my craving come back at me for another year in the near future? =P

    Nevertheless, I totally vibe with the tranquil lifestyle and love that you had a moment of self-discovery. =) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  3. People tell me I am too young for contentment (but I say I am already 25!). But I think it is all the exercise you are having, doing cleaning and all must have kicked in the feel good hormones (serotonin!) but I learned biology long back…so you could check this out!
    Maybe because you don’t have to do dish-washing anymore! Contentment it is! 🙂

  4. Janine,

    Totally get where you are coming from. My partying time ended before I hit 30 guess having two kids would prevent that. What’s interesting the majority of the people I know who are in their much early 40’s still love to party. I don’t get it, but they do I guess. It’s nice to hear others not interested in partying anymore.

  5. OMG- it was a moment of maturity. We all have them from time to time. But, don’t worry, our inner child demands a release- maybe at a dance, maybe with our partners watching tv, but– we find both of ourselves and it is just fantastic.

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