A side effect of the ‘blogging journey’

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I’ve been a bit down lately, as something I was hopeful of didn’t exactly turn out as expected.  After the initial thoughts of ‘It could be worse’, ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘This will give me an opportunity to focus on what I really want to do’, my thinking slipped into the negative – a lot quicker than I had planned.

I think that’s why I’ve tried to inject a lot of positivity and love into this blog over the last few weeks – as knowing that I can share something with you and possibly bring some lightness to your day makes me feel all warm and fuzzy feeling. And when you choose to share something with me – I, more often than not, catch myself smiling.

In fact, I’ve never felt as connected to people as I do right now. It is an unexpected, but welcome, ‘side effect’ of the ‘blogging journey’.

What has pleasantly surprised you about your ‘blogging journey’?

22 thoughts on “A side effect of the ‘blogging journey’

  1. I couldn’t pinpoint just ‘one’ thing that’s been a pleasant side effect of the blogging journey, Janine — there have been too many to count!

    Just to mention a smattering …

    Meeting new fellow bloggers to bond with (almost every day!), interview and guest posting invitations, and joint venture partnerships.

    But mostly …

    Blogging brings me joy and it’s therapeutic. I love to write and writing takes my mind off my mind. 🙂

  2. Janine, Sharing your feelings in your blog can be very helpful emotionally, both for you and the people who read and relate to them.

    Re your last question, my most pleasant surprise about blogging has definitely come from meeting online “friends” like you.

  3. Janine sorry to hear about your recent down time. Just know we all go through our ups and downs. I sense that your down will be short lived because of your positive soul will prevail. This groups has always been supportive and willing to help anytime.

    Melanie has been especially amazing. She brings so much positive vibes, it is the glue that keeps our group going. When you have so many varied personalities, having patience and undertanding is what Melanie possess and shars with us all.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wishing you back to the top real soon!

  4. Hi,
    For me it has been the fun I have had when I am writing. was a bit low in confidence re my writing skills but when I get into the flow I love it.
    I have also had the opportunity to build up friendships online with some amazing bloggers,

  5. For me it has been the discovery of how people from completely different cultures around the world virtually all have the same dreams, desires, fears, wants.

  6. There is sudden joy when I see a comment on my posts, a like or a tweet or just about any form of appreciation. The pleasant side effect has been the feeling of joy and happiness to see someone has so many wonderful things to say about your writing..and to think I never had the courage to take up writing as a career.

  7. Hi Janine. The great and wonderful blogging world, and whatever makes it work, put a link from my blog to yours as possible related articles. I had written a Welcome to My Blog page and talked about the blogging journey that I only started at the beginning of the month.
    I love your blog and also the friendliness of the blogging community – that was something that I hadn’t reckoned on when I started.

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