Pet Peeves

I don’t believe I have ever really vented on this blog, so I’m going to be completely gratuitous and do it!

So bare with me – here are my pet peeves at the moment:

  • Condescending people;
  • Drivers who do not know how to indicate around a roundabout – it’s not hard…really;
  • Drivers who don’t indicate…I swear we all learn this when we take our driving lessons?
  • Drivers who don’t know how to merge…which unfortunately seems to be most people in this city. Do you know that the statistics show the state I live in (Western Australia) has the WORST drivers in Australia. No wonder I’m anxious;
  • Noisy eaters…especially gum with mouth open – you are not a horse, unless you really are a horse that eats gum? (okay, it’s coming back to me now. I have vented on this blog before – about noisy eaters. Refer post ‘I have a problem‘);
  • Meetings for meetings sake. Productivity can really be gained by not having so many meetings. Of course, they are invaluable if you struggle getting the people you need to meet with together in the same room to talk. That’s when meetings are valuable;
  • Tailgaters. Just because you are sitting up my butt in your 4 Wheel Drive, does not mean that I will go faster and exceed the speed limit, or move over to drive in the gutter – especially when you have children in the car!
  • Check-out ‘people’ in supermarkets who do not acknowledge you exist or say ‘Hi’. I was a check out ‘chick’ for 5 years, and I had to say ‘Hi’ every day, even when I didn’t feel like it and the people were exceptionally rude;
  • People in lifts who see you coming, and watch you rush to make the lift, only to let the door close whilst maintaining eye contact. How rude!

Okay. I think that’s enough. I feel much better now.

And doing some analysis on my list, I can see now why I’m a bit tense…I started a new job and have been stuck in traffic for at least 45 minutes EACH WAY every day and it’s starting to get to me and my poor car. I may need to buy some meditation CD’s?

And by the way – please feel free to vent and share your pet peeves. Just keep it clean!



8 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Hi there! We share so many of the same peeves…………….alas, it always seems to come back to “treating people as you would like to be treated. If we all did that, the world would be such a better place!

    Thanks for sharing and hope you days are better!


  2. Janine, Sounds like the drivers in your part of Australia are really bad! Would never have expected that except that it comes with a sense of entitlement – I’m lord of the road kind of thing. Do people there have it? However, just try driving in Mexico City where indicating you want to make a turn is an incentive for drivers to speed up.
    I also hate condescending people. England is the place where I’ve found most, but a lot of more educated Americans are that way too.

    • Def ‘lord of the road’ mentality here. And you know what – younger women are getting really bad.
      I agree totally with what you say about England. I mean, Im part English – born in Australia – but have lived in England and that was one of the things that drove me crazy – especially in Bristol where my ‘Aussie-ness’ and I were simply not good enough.

  3. I am so ready to vent all the time! How did I miss this? Drivers your end are really nasty …eh? I have loads of pet peeves, probably the comment form will be short for it! 🙂

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