Things kids shouldn’t do!

There are some things kids just shouldn’t do, but they go ahead and do it anyhow (when Mum’s not looking).

  • Shaving your arms with your Mum’s razor (Okay – I’ll admit it – I did this. To this day, I truly believe if I hadn’t done this, my arms wouldn’t be so hairy);
  • Playing sumo wrestlers in the lounge room, cushions shoved up under their shirts, running and bouncing off each other. I actually used to watch my brother and sister do this, as I was ‘too cool’ to let my hair down, being a teenager and all, but I swear it was one of the funniest things to watch! LUCKY there were never any breakages.
  • Eating cigarette butts. Me again. And in my defence, I was young – and I don’t remember (so maybe Mum is pulling my leg!).
  • Trying to cut your sisters hair.
  • Eating dried up, white dog droppings. This person shall remain nameless (and it’s not me). In their defence, I think they were like 2. Ew
  • Dressing your brother up like a girl – including make up and heals. Yes – me again. And to set the record straight – he didn’t want to do it. I think I was torturing him. My poor brother;
  • Eating dog biscuits. The person who did this can’t remember what they tasted like. Sorry to disappoint!
  • Soaping up the tiles of the bathroom floor and trying to skate bare foot. Don’t try this at home – as you can guess, it ends badly (stitches).
  • Cut their own fringe, when you’re 3.

I’d love to hear your stories!


17 thoughts on “Things kids shouldn’t do!

  1. Oh gosh. I taught grade one for years and at least one would try to cut their own hair every year. One child tries to shave with an electric razor at home to hilarious results.
    I can add do not use the stairs as a toboggan hill (inside or outside) and choose snowball victims wisely. Teenagers are a bad way to go when you seven lol. They can throw a lot more a lot faster.
    Oh the lessons we learn!

  2. My list is so long, you and I would be kicked out of Blog Nirvanna for way too long a post!
    But, two of the best I can recall.
    If your child has a chemistry set AND money of his/her own, try to monitor their purchases. You don’t want them to develop a full chem lab and then blow up the house.
    Don’t tell your kids- come here now, we have to leave and I don’t want any lip about it- and leave. You never know if they left the water running to make a water garden in the window well- and have to return hours later to Noah’s Ark in your basement. (The ark was the floating washing machine.)
    [OK. I still can’t see the boxes, but I kept hitting tab to find them.]

    • I’ll work on the colour soon Roy! Thanks for persisting and ‘tabbing’ through to the comments box : )
      And gee – that’s some advise you have! I can’t imagine the shock of returning to Noah’s Ark! hehe amusing to think about it but would not be fun to experience!

  3. Cutting my sister’s hair and doing it all wrong 😦 and making my younger brother swallow chewing gum just to find out whether your stomach “sticks”!

  4. Haha! This is great, Janine. We should all write our own post like this. I think my blog could use some lighter fare every once in awhile! Sadly, I didn’t do too many of these fun kid things–my younger sister was much more adventures. I do remember a little girl in our church–about three years old–cutting her own hair into a virtual mullet. It took years to grow out!

    • Mmmm mullets. Not good at all!
      I thought I’d inject a lighter note into my blog after a few heavy posts that took a lot of thought to write. I love the ease of fun list posts (when in the mood to do them of course!).

  5. Great article, brought a HUGE smile to my face! Maybe because I did so many of those things or know of them being done!

    Thanks for another great article!

    CCO OutMaturity

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