When you realise you are getting older…

Do you have many of those moments when you are reminded you’re getting older?

I was reminded of this recently when chatting to my partners daughter. She started high school a few weeks ago, and was excited to tell me everything she had learned, including the new word they use for ‘cool’. Dardy. Used in a sentence ‘It’s hell dardy’. Hmmmmm.

Firstly, I don’t know when hell became so prevalent in the english language (now I think about it probably stemmed from my generation as we did say ‘hell yeah’ a bit). Of course, ‘hell’ seems to be used in almost every sentence by the ‘youth of today’ (hehe). But they don’t mean to refer to the fiery abyss that is Satan’s lair – I think they are trying to just place some emphasis on what they are saying. ‘That’s a hell dardy movie‘ or ‘It’s really good film’?

So, what has made you realise you are getting older?


8 thoughts on “When you realise you are getting older…

  1. Lol…my 4 year old nephew was over for vacations a few months after I turned 25; he was trying to convince me to come to the US for vacations (my sister stays there) and suddenly he questions me …”But will they let you enter the airport…I mean you are grown up and old….do they have a separate airport for you guys?” I felt old…not grown up…just old! 😦

  2. I’ve been getting signs for a while now! But I really notice it while watching awards shows on tv. When I was younger, I knew who all the new music group and movie stars were. Now, I when I watch, I have no clue who some of the younger celebrities are!

  3. Funny, how your generation – read comments – have similar reactions to my earlier generation, and my parents’ generation as well. The new words, clothing, celebrities, music, etc. My 14 year old nephew thinks I’m a cool old lady. Cool!

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