5 Reasons to Visit Singapore

The place I have been to most in the world is Singapore. I think I’ve been there eight times now since I started travelling way back in 1997, and it will always hold a place in my heart, even eight visits later.

There are so many amazing things to do in Singapore, but here are my favourites, that keep me going back for more!

Singapore ZooThe “open concept” of the Singapore Zoo provides an opportunity to experience the majesty of nature up close and personal. It also has the most amazing ‘rainforest’ themed toilets…

Night SafariThe worlds first dedicated night zoo, the Night Safari is at the Singapore Zoo, but is a completely different experience from the day time journey. (As a side note, I highly recommend going to both). I had one of the most amazing experiences wandering by the wolves, witnessing them standing on a hill howling to the full moon. Eerie and breathtakingly beautiful. I go almost every time I stop over in Singapore, and every time it is different and amazing. There’s just something about walking around the zoo at night and seeing the animals in their element (and awake!).

Shopping, shopping and more shopping Orchard Road, Takashimaya, China Town, Little India, The Annual Great Singapore Sales (27 May to 24 July 2011). Electronics, clothes, fragrances, jewellery, material, souvenirs, shoes. OMG!

Singapore Botanic Gardens. I’m no botanist, and flowers are just flowers to me BUT the Singapore Botanic Gardens are beautiful and provided me with a new appreciation of botanic gardens, orchids, etc. The first time I went was on my 7th trip to Singapore. On going, I realised that I should have visited sooner. The vibrancy in the colours and the different types of feature gardens were beautiful.

FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. Get out into the Hawker Centres and eat some of the cheap local cuisine. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai. On my first trip there I was such a chicken and ate mostly western food (chicken) but now I can almost keep up with the others, having tried for the first time cuttlefish, squid, crab, stingray and so on. I’ll hold off on the fish eye-balls though. I can still recall the sound of my friend eating one…eh

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